Motorcyclist’s 2019 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is coming up and that means that you’ve probably not gotten, or even thought about, a gift for your mother yet. We haven’t either. We took to the internet to find some great last-minute options for you, but mostly to help our editors find gifts for their own mothers.

Gifts For Mothers Who Ride

At Motorcyclist, we understand that everybody rides, so we've hand-picked these gifts for mothers who like to enjoy the road on two wheels.

45mm Audio Set with Sound by JBL


Elevate your riding experience with 45mm Audio Set with immersive Sound by JBL. Enjoy the best sound quality in the market thanks to the JBL sound processor and Audio Profiles.

Maxler Kevlar Jeans

The often overlooked piece of motorcycle gear, motorcycle pants provide more protection than that of standard denim jeans. These women's Kevlar jeans are exactly what a mother who likes to ride—or ride on the back of a motorcycle—needs. These jeans offer the flexible properties and comfort of jeans with the added protection of Kevlar and attachable knee protection.Amazon

AGV K1 Motorcycle Helmet

The AGV K1 helmet is not female specific. It doesn't have pigtails or flashes of pink on it, but it does feature a four-density expanded polystyrene (EPS) structure, developed in four sizes. This means a better fit, no matter the size of your head. The visor is Pinlock ready, meaning you won't have to keep wiping the fog off your visor when the temperature differs from the inside and outside of the helmet.Amazon

Cardo Scala Rider Dual Pack

Communicating from motorcycle to motorcycle with hand signals is effective for, "Debris in the road ahead," or "I need to pee," but it's an ineffective system for actually being connected while you ride. The Cardo Scala Rider allows you and your mother to stay connected on any ride you take together. Even if you or your mother have another brand of headset, the Cardo has universal functionality, allowing you to pair it with any bluetooth intercom headset.Amazon

Gifts For Your Mother, If She Rides Or Not

Even if your mother rides, maybe she has all the gear she needs. We found some items that every mother would be grateful for on Sunday!

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

Amazon's Echo smart speaker is the perfect option for a mother who owns—or wants to own—smart objects or who needs an assistant around the house. With the ability to play music, read the news, set alarms, organize a calendar, or just answer questions, the Echo can do pretty much anything you can. So don't be alarmed when it replaces you. Your mother will still love you though.Amazon

Rad Women Worldwide: Artists And Athletes, Pirates And Punks, And Other Revolutionaries Who Shaped History

We know that your mother is awesome, so why not get her a book that she should probably be featured in? Rad Women Worldwide celebrates a diverse set of women who have persevered and overcome adversities. Featuring researched and captivating biographies by Kate Schatz, and intricate cut-paper portraits by Miriam Klein Stahl, Rad Women Worldwide is an entertaining and artful read.Amazon

Amazon eGift Card

You've waited till the last minute, you're probably reading this as you're on your way to your mother's house, and now you need something to give her. Gift cards are your best option, especially eGift cards. These customizable cards can be for any amount under $2,000 and are redeemable on Amazon.Amazon

Enjoy your Mother’s Day and don’t wait this late next year!