Modular Backpacks For Motorcyclists

Strap it, clip it, zip it—a roundup of modular motorcycle backpacks.

Not everything can be stored on the bike itself, sometimes you have to be the one carrying the load and not the bike. MOLLE backpacks are an option.Karel Kramer

MOLLE backpacks are most commonly seen on, but not limited to, tactical personnel. MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment), however, can be used by motorcyclists as well. When one backpack could be adapted to carry more or less gear, it is understandable why you often see riders with this style of pack. Motorcycle riders tend to need storage options since not everything needed for a ride can fit into pockets, under the seat, or in saddlebags (if you even have them). From Nelson-Rigg gear to hydration packs, many have implemented the MOLLE webbing for attaching additional MOLLE-compatible pouches to increase storage. Here are a few selections of MOLLE backpacks to choose from.

Nelson-Rigg Hurricane 40L Backpack/Tail Pack

Strap it down or sling it on, the Nelson-Rigg gear with the MOLLE panel makes for an adaptable adventure pack.Nelson-Rigg

With a removable MOLLE panel that can also be flipped to show the waterproof map, this backpack just shines in the rainy weather with its adventure-readiness, not to mention the waterproof tarpaulin material and seams that are electronically heat welded together. The MOLLE-styled panel allows you to clip on additional items to the back. Within the 40-liter capacity compartment you can fit extra riding gear or tools for your journey, and if you have fuel bottles, the two mesh side pockets can hold those as well. Getting the pack compacted down is made possible with the purge valve and rolltop mouth.

Lancer Tactical Hydration Backpack

Unlike Dos Equis’ motto, you don’t want to stay thirsty on a ride, therefore a hydration pack is a key item to have.Lancer Tactical

Going for a ride on your dirt bike or dual sport? You need to take a mobile hydration station with you to ensure you don't get thirsty on the trails. Now while this pack primarily focuses on storing a 2.5-liter bladder (sold separately), you can attach other items using the MOLLE-compatible straps. The pack is constructed out of 600-denier polyester material.

Seibertron MOLLE Backpack

A multitude of clips cinch many elements of the Seibertron backpack together.Seibertron

While any determined rider can clip his/her helmet using a carabiner clip and D-rings onto the MOLLE webbing of any backpack, this is designed to hold a full-face helmet in a designated helmet pouch. The 900-denier polyester material is claimed to be waterproof, however the zipper is not. Something to keep in mind when you take it with you on your ride. The expandable main compartment has an interior mesh enclosure for smaller gear. There is also a middle compartment with zippered interior small gear pouches, as well as a small exterior zippered compartment on the outside. It can be used as a hydration backpack, but you do need to purchase the 2.5-liter hydration bladder separately.