MC Tested: Racer MultiTop Waterproof Gloves

Like to ride in the rain? Racer’s MultiTop mitts are a comfy and sporty option for wet-weather rides.

Racer’s MultiTop glove
Racer’s MultiTop glove provides great protection, excellent comfort, and decent waterproofing performance. Available in black and black/white in sizes S–3XL.Racer Gloves USA

Motorcycle gloves need to be protective, comfortable, and affordable. Designing motorcycle gloves that measure up is challenging, but it is even trickier when manufacturers also aim to make them waterproof.

The Racer MultiTop easily succeeds in the comfort department with supple cowhide and kangaroo-leather palms. The fingers are naturally curved and include stretch panels that make gripping the bars easy. A textured leather “grip panel” on the palm along the base of the fingers adds durability and provides a secure hold.

The breathable inner "waterproof" liner feels very nice against the skin and provides a level of insulation from cool temperatures, but these gloves aren't bulky so they still offer good dexterity and feel for the controls. To keep wind from blowing up your jacket sleeves, the gauntlet cinches securely.

kangaroo-leather palm
The kangaroo-leather palm, supple cowhide shell, and soft liner coddle your hands in luxury while also providing warmth and protection.Racer Gloves USA

Carbon-fiber knuckle and finger protectors and palm and wrist padding mitigate impact injuries while the kangaroo palm and sturdy cowhide shell with Kevlar underlining provide multiple layers of abrasion protection. Two Velcro closure straps keep the gloves in place, and double stitching should keep the gloves intact against tearing forces. Thankfully, I haven't crash-tested the MultiTop, but they seem to be robust enough for street duty.

Carbon-fiber armor
Carbon-fiber armor, kangaroo palms, and a Kevlar-lined cowhide shell provide good abrasion protection.Ron Lieback

Okay, so the MultiTop performs well in the comfort and protection departments, but what about the waterproof claim? The gloves rely on an unnamed waterproof inner liner to keep water out, and during the first two days of a cold, wet multi-day trip the MultiTop fended off rain and kept my hands comfortably dry. That began to change during the third consecutive day of rain as the leather became saturated. However, the inner liner continued to do its job and I never got raisin fingers. Unfortunately, once the shell is soaked the cold wind takes hold, and if I didn’t have heated grips, I’m sure I would have suffered terribly in the 45-degree temperatures.

Overall I like these gloves. Just keep in mind that any waterproof glove with a leather shell will become soaked at some point, so the waterproof claim needs to be measured with realistic expectations. For shorter spats of wet-weather riding, the MultiTops would certainly hold up fine, and I’m convinced they would have continued to perform well if they had time to dry before being asked to endure another rainy day.

Price: $150
MC Grade: B
Summary: Comfortable, protective, and mostly waterproof.