MC Commute - 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800

MV Agusta’s brawny naked streetfighter on the daily commute

It’s no secret we’re always trying to get our staff to work a little harder. Especially the ones who always seem to have too much to say. “Write it down!” we always shout at each other. Zack Courts is a classic case, always arriving to the office after his commute with a bunch of opinions about the bike he’s riding. Too much this, not enough that, and occasionally has some decent insights that we thought might help consumers or entertain enthusiasts. So we strapped a camera and microphone to his helmet and told him to turn it on when he leaves his house. A lot of his talking in his helmet is complaining about drivers, yelling at red lights, and wondering why billboards aren’t more expensive. But sometimes he actually talks about the bike, and those are the parts we keep. Got a bike you would like to see discussed? Let us know and we’ll send him home on that one next.

A little extra info on this bike:

Quick Specs
BASE PRICE $13,498
MEASURED WEIGHT 440 lb. (199.5kg)
FUEL CAPACITY 4.4 gal. (16.5L)
SEAT HEIGHT 32.6 in. (830mm)
MEASURED HORSEPOWER 98.9 @ 11,100 rpm
MEASURED TORQUE 53.8 lb.-ft. @ 7100 rpm
The 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 in red. It’s a mean profile of a naked bike, there’s no doubt about that. A simple headlight and a stompin’ engine.Motorcyclist
The 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 in gray, as ridden in the above video. If blending in is your thing, you’re probably not shopping for an MV—but this would be the closest thing to that.Motorcyclist
The 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 in white, flashy but not overdone. The pipe-organ exhaust is a sleek feature and is accentuated by the single-sided swingarm.Motorcyclist
The dash on the 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 is simple but pretty clear. Some of the small numbers (like tripmeters, clock, and settings menus) are a little small to catch at a glance, but otherwise all it’s missing is a fuel gauge.Motorcyclist
That’s just about as pretty and as linear as a power curve gets. And check out the torque: nice and flat, with about 50 lb.-ft. on tap from just over 3,000 rpm to nearly 11,000. It’s a really satisfying engine to use, makes a great sound, and has plenty of stomp.Motorcyclist