How To Permanently Repair A Flat Tubeless Motorcycle Tire

The Stop & Go system fills the puncture and seals the tire from the inside.

How to plug a tubeless motorcycle tire
If a new tire isn't in the budget, a plug/patch repair performed from the inside of the tire is the next best thing.©Motorcyclist

Not all tire manufacturers condone plugging a tire, but those that do insist on a plug/patch repair performed from the inside of the tire. It’s the only form of puncture repair that’s considered permanent because it fully fills the wound and seals the tire from the inside. Use only patch kits sized for motorcycle tires, like this Stop & Go system. Now, here’s how to use it.

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Step 1

Mark the puncture, remove the offending item, and then dismount the tire. Yes, you have to remove the tire! Be aware that punctures on the edge of the tread or in the sidewall cannot be repaired. The same goes for holes larger than 7mm in diameter.©Motorcyclist
How to fix a flat tire on a motorcycle

Step 2

Carefully inspect the tread and inner liner for damage, which most often occurs from being run underinflated. Any bubbling or signs of delamination are cause for tire replacement. This inspection is the critical part of the repair that can only performed with the tire removed.©Motorcyclist
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Step 3

Prepare the repair site by buffing the inner liner of the tire to expose fresh rubber. Buff an area slightly larger than the patch portion of your plug/patch. Then ream the hole to clear it of debris.©Motorcyclist
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Step 4

Apply rubber cement to the repair site and allow it to dry for several minutes. Remove the covering from the patch head and push the quill through the hole from the inside. Pull it flush with the inner liner.©Motorcyclist
How to plug a motorcycle tire

Step 5

Cut the quill flush with the tread and then carefully press the patch into place. Use your thumbs to force air out from under the patch by pressing from the center of the patch toward the perimeter.©Motorcyclist
Stop & Go flat repair kit

Step 6

Reinstall the tire and inflate it to the recommended pressure. Inspect the repair for air-tightness with soapy water or saliva. Recheck the repair after the first few miles of riding, and keep an eye on the repair throughout the life of the tire.©Motorcyclist