HJC i10 Motorcycle Helmet First Look Preview

A new entry-level motorcycle helmet from HJC.

The new HJC i10 in Taze graphic.
The new HJC i10 in Taze graphic.HJC

HJC has announced it will replace its long-popular CL-17 motorcycle helmet with the new i10. The i10 promises better ventilation thanks to revised intake and exhaust ports, compatibility with Smart HJC Bluetooth communicators, and DOT and Snell 2020 safety certifications.

The i10 will price between $149.99 and $154.99, making it $10 more expensive than the outgoing CL-17. Sizing ranges from XS through 3XL.

A range of solid color options are now available.
A range of solid color options are now available.HJC

It features an advanced polycarbonate shell and HJ-31 face shield which is removable via a quick-release shield mechanism. The field of view is purportedly enhanced by the new shield and eyeport design.

The most notable difference from the CL-17 is the ventilation updates, with intakes at the crown, brow, and chin all redesigned to more effectively push air through the lid while riding.

A multi-cool liner inside is removable and washable, and a groove is included in the interior design to accommodate eyeglasses. The cheek pads inside are interchangeable with those used in the CL-17 as well.

HJC i10 in Rank graphic.
HJC i10 in Rank graphic.HJC

It will be available in a wide range of solid colors and graphic options as well.

The CL-17 has been a favorite among riders on a budget for some time now, particularly for the fact that it carried the Snell safety rating and came in a range of colorways that were still affordable. The i10 introduces some practical revisions without skyrocketing the MSRP, so it appears to be poised to do well for the brand. The i10 is now available.

HJC i10 in Fear graphic.
HJC i10 in Fear graphic.HJC