Dirt Bike Racers And Pro Surfers Switch At Surfercross 2019

Pro motocross racers and surfers trade places for two days.

This summer marked the 21st running of Surfercross, a competition that pits dirt bike racers against surfers. Two-man teams are chosen at random, from a lottery.Max Mandell

The Southern California pro motocross and surf communities came together earlier this week during this summer's 2019 Surfercross contest. The two-day event allows athletes and industry professionals to trade places for a day, and try out each other's respective sport. Day 1 is spent racing, in a traditional two-moto (race) format at Milestone Motocross Park. Competitors swap their bikes for surfboards on day 2, competing in an elimination-style heat format at Trail Six inside San Onofre State Beach.

“Really the whole goal is to make it fun,” says Jeremy Albrecht, who started the event while living and working inside the motorcycle industry in Southern California. Fast-forward to today and he’s based from North Carolina and team manager of Joe Gibbs Racing. “It’s cool to watch surfers that have never ridden. They love motorcycles and hopefully it gives them a reason to go out and buy a bike. Same thing for the dirt bike guys. They have a surf, enjoy it, and go buy a surfboard.”

The 21st running of Surfercross was dedicated to former Surfercross champ and world-class surfer Sunny Garcia. Little is known about the exact condition of the 49-year-old surfer, having been hospitalized since May, after a failed suicide attempt. The Road 2 Recovery Foundation is currently accepting donations to help offset medical costs incurred by the Garcia family.

Check out some of our favorite photos from this year’s event. Interested in competing next year? Sign-up occurs on the first day of the event. Bring your bike, surfboard, cooler, and sunscreen! See you next year.

Australian 250 Supercross champ (2016/2017) Jackson Richardson took part in this year’s event, enjoying some dusty California dirt.Max Mandell
Racers jump from the starting gate during the moto race at Milestone Motocross Park.Max Mandell
Local pro Ford Heit adds a bit of style during the moto day at Milestone Motocross Park.Max Mandell
California racers RJ Wageman and Ricky Yorks battle for position at Milestone Motocross Park.Max Mandell
JGR’s Weston Peick competed in this year’s event. Peick is still recovering from a career-altering accident during last year’s Bercy Supercross.Max Mandell
After braving 100-degree-plus temperatures during the moto day, everyone was happy to dip their boards in the water to cool off.Max Mandell
Two two-man teams paddle out for a 15-minute heat. The goal: Catch the best wave and show off the most style.Max Mandell
A woman competitor shows the boys how it’s done during day 2’s surf competition at San Onofre State Beach in California.Max Mandell
Fresh off the plane from X Games Minneapolis, pro dirt bike freestyler Harry Bink catches a wave during the surf competition at Surfercross.Max Mandell
Surfercross encourages dirt bike racers and surfers to trade places for a day and try out each other’s respective sport.Max Mandell
The pro teams show off their hardware after winning the overall, with best combined scores, from moto and surf.Max Mandell
Interested in competing next year? Sign-ups occur first thing in the morning on day 1. Bring your dirt bike, surfboard, and a good attitude!Max Mandell