Affordable Motorcycle Boots For Men

Affordable boots that are great for male riders, and will keep your ankles and feet protected.

Molded torsional stiffeners, articulating ankles, and polyurethane heel guards all sound expensive, but those design choices are what make these the best boots you can buy without having to worry about overdraft charges. We’ve selected boots that would be comfortable and protective to wear on the bike and keep your budget in mind.

Cortech Impulse Air Road Race Boots

The Cortech Impulse Air boots offer protection and style at a great price.Cortech

Cortech's Impulse Air RR boots have carbon-fiber ankle protectors backed with shock-absorbing latex foam. The Mycro Tech uppers are vented, and the Air-Mesh lining is breathable. An inner lacing system has a drawstring adjustment and an Autolock zipper cover with an adjustable hook-and-loop flap. Molded torsional stiffeners and vented heel protectors are standard, along with a shift pad. Color options add racier look.

Joe Rocket Super Street RX14 Motorcycle Boots

Water-resistant leather and replaceable inner soles extend the life of these boots.Joe Rocket

The Super Street RX-14 from Joe Rocket features water-resistant, split-grain leather construction. The articulated ankle design gives added mobility, and is reinforced for increased lateral rigidity and protection. Variable closed-cell foam is used throughout for cushioning, and the low-profile toe box has a reinforced gear-shift area. A combined hook-and-loop and zipper enclosure is reinforced with a ratchet strap for a secure fit. Replaceable magnesium toe sliders are standard.

Sidi Fusion Air Boots

Never end a ride again with sweaty feet.Sidi

Sidi Fusion boots are made of Technomicro microfiber and lined with Air Teflon mesh. A fixed shin plate, internal ankle pads, and a rear calf-support system provide protection. There's an elastic panel adjacent to the closure on the calf area, and a zippered elastic panel. Replaceable toe sliders and a nylon inner sole with removable arch support comes standard. Double stitching is used in all high-stress areas.

TCX S-Sportour Boots

Waterproof lining on these motorcycle boots keeps your feet dry if the clouds open up on you.TCX

S-Sportour EVO Boots by TCX are made of a microfiber material with increased padding in the front and rear for more flexibility. Protection is provided by a polyurethane heel guard, shin plate, and ankle reinforcement with air intakes. The interchangeable polyurethane toe sliders are anchored to the boots with two screws for fast and easy replacement. An elastic zip with a wide hook-and-loop closure band allows easier fastening. There's also a monocompound ultra-light sole with a grip area for the footpeg, and a reinforced midsole. Choose an Air Tech breathable or waterproof liner.