2019 Yamaha Niken GT MC Commute Review

Tag along for a ride aboard Yamaha’s Niken GT LMV in this week’s MC Commute

Following last year’s release of Yamaha’s awesome Niken leaning multi-wheeler, the Tuning Fork brand unveils a touring-specific GT variation for 2019. The Niken GT ($17,299) builds upon the lofty levels of comfort and performance that’s ingrained into its unique design, allowing riders to travel farther and more comfortably.

The Niken GT shares the same three-wheel-equipped chassis as the standard Niken. The front end makes use of a pair of 15-inch wheels with fully independent suspension and steering components. Yamaha’s fun-loving 847cc CP3 inline-three powers the Niken GT and is good for upwards of 100 hp. The engine has been retuned slightly (heavier crankshaft) for additional engine torque.

Compared to the standard Niken the GT spec machine gets a larger windscreen as well as heated grips and removable (and lockable) soft luggage. Cruise control is also standard, as is an additional DC power port. The rider and passenger saddles are upgraded and have a thicker, yet more plush design that makes it easy to rack up the miles with ease.

In this episode of MC Commute, we share the backstory behind the Niken and talk about how the idea came to fruition. We also discuss some of its best features and what it’s like to operate on the road. Watch the video and sound off in the comment section below.