amaha announced today at the EICMA show in Milan that it will expand its Niken three-wheel family to include a more touring-focused Niken GT in 2019. It will be available starting March 2019 and carry a price tag of $17,299.

The GT shares the same 12-valve, 847cc crossplane triple found in the base Niken and originally derived from the MT-09. The hybrid steel and aluminum frame is the same, the paired fork tubes and monoshock at the back are the same, braking package is the same, the 4.8 gallon fuel capacity is the same… You get the picture.

2019 Yamaha Niken GT
The Yamaha Niken gets a touring upgrade for 2019 in the Niken GT.Yamaha

The Leaning Multi-Wheel technology is by now known to most everyone who stays current with trends in the industry, and it was more enjoyable in execution than we might have thought on first glance. For me though, the concept comes into its own as a GT model. It’s hard to beat sportiness with three wheels when you’ve got R1s and MT-10s in the lineup.

2019 Yamaha Niken GT leaning
Leaning Multi-Wheel Technology outfitted for a long weekend.Yamaha

The straight-line stability, reliability in corners in adverse conditions, and wider real estate out front make this a much more adept platform for touring.

tall windscreen on Yamaha three-wheeler
A tall, wide windscreen is a must-have on a sport-touring rig like this.Yamaha

With the GT you get a wide and tall windscreen and newly designed seat for maximum comfort during the hours you’ll spend in the saddle. There are quick-release, 25-liter side cases included, and the bases of these carriers have grips built in for a passenger.

Removable 25-liter side cases
Removable 25-liter side cases come standard on the Niken GT.Yamaha

Then there are heated grips and a pair of 12-volt outlets that will allow you to power various types of electric devices. Yamaha put on a centerstand for good measure. There's also LED lighting throughout.

rider and passenger seat
Yamaha made the rider and passenger seat more comfortable than before on the GT.Yamaha

And as with the standard Niken, you get Yamaha electronics in the form of YCC-T Engine Control, Yamaha’s D-Mode system which allows you to select different throttle valve control maps, an adjustable traction control system, cruise control, a quickshifter for upshifting, ABS, and a high-contrast LCD screen to display all the info.

LCD instrument panel
Electronics settings and ride information is displayed on a LCD instrument panel.Yamaha
Yamaha Niken GT
Take corners with confidence in all conditions with the Yamaha Niken GT.Yamaha

The Niken GT will only be available in Matte Phantom Blue when it finally comes to market.