2019 Royal Enfield Continental GT MC Commute Review

We take Royal Enfield’s overhauled Continental GT for a ride.

Royal Enfield attempted to make a splash in the US with the reintroduction of its single-cylinder-powered Continental GT, in 2004. While we appreciated its tasteful lines, the performance and build quality left something to be desired. Fast-forward to today, and Royal Enfield has a new and most certainly improved 2019 Continental GT.

We take a ride on Royal Enfield's new 2019 Continental GT in this episode of MC Commute.EL3 Productions

Powered by a larger and now parallel-twin-powered 648cc engine that was designed in England at Royal Enfield’s new Global Technology Centre, the ’19 GT is superior in most every way. Royal Enfield is so confident of its new Continental GT that it now offers a three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty and roadside assistance standard. And the best part? Its $5,999 MSRP hasn’t budged, which means you get a whole lot of motorcycle for your money.

But how does it stack up during our work-week commute? Swing a leg over the Continental GT with us, virtually, in this week's MC Commute Review.