2019 Oset 20.0 Racing MKII Electric Trials Motorcycle First Look

This electric dirt bike just got better thanks to a lighter lithium battery.

The Oset 20.0 Racing MKII features adjustable speed, acceleration, and throttle response directly on the motorcycle. It also has a magnetic lanyard kill switch to help protect the rider in case of a get-off.Oset Bikes

Oset Bikes has just announced that the new Oset 20.0 Racing MKII electric trials bike will now be powered by a lithium battery. The 20-AH, 48-volt lithium battery will offer a substantial increase in run time while reducing the overall weight of the kid-friendly trials bike by 17 pounds.

The lithium-powered Racing MKII claims to be able to hold a charge for an entire day of trials-type riding or more than three hours of more aggressive off-road riding. If that holds true, Oset has set the bar a little higher once again, and eco-friendly OHV riders should be excited about this subtle yet important upgrade.

“We are thrilled to launch our newest bike onto the global market,” explains James Robertson, head of marketing for Oset Bikes in the official press release. “We have listened to what our customers say and it’s quite clear that run time and weight are crucial as they are across the whole electric vehicle landscape, so our new lithium-powered bike answers that. We want our young riders to get as much enjoyment while improving their core skills as possible and the new 20.0R MKII can now offer this as we continue to inspire the next generation of riders.”

The 2019 Oset 20.0 Racing MKII model is available in the new Electric Bolt graphic shown in the photos right now at your local dealers with an MSRP of $3,600.

The Oset 20.0 Racing MKII is designed for riders 8 years and older but the adjustable suspension and power delivery allow it to be used by larger riders as well.Oset Bikes