Nexx Helmets is showcasing a number of full-face street lids as part of its 2019 collection announcement. There are helmets for touring riders, racers, street riders, and adventure riders, and we're going to dive into the features of each headlining helmet below.

X.Vilitur: Modular Touring

Nexx X.Vilitur Helmet
The X.Vilitur is a touring modular with all the bells and whistles.Nexx

The X.Viltur is dual homologated as a full-face and open-face helmet, meeting both DOT and ECE safety standards. It’s available in three X-Matrix material shell sizes for a more accurate fit from XS through 3XL. Nexx estimates the lid will tip the scales around 3.5 pounds, give or take a few ounces depending on the size.

Inside it’s packing a retractable sun visor and a single-piece anti-noise cheek pad and neck roll setup which can be removed and washed when needed. The flip-up chinbar utilizes aluminum and stainless steel locking and pivot points so it stays securely in place whether in the down or up position. The exterior shield is Class 1 rated for optics, is anti-scratch, and can accommodate a Pinlock insert to prevent fogging.

An Air-Dynamic System has been devised for ventilation, comprised of a chinbar and crown vent and dual exhaust vents. The X-Vilitur is made to easily fit the X-Com 2 communication system. Finally, there’s two brackets included at purchase that can hold popular action cameras on the market, either on the top of the helmet of off to the side.

Plain color X.Vilitur helmets will start at $499.95 and reach up to $679.99 for the carbon-fiber version.

X.Wed 2: Adventure

Nexx X.Wed 2 Helmet
Adventure riders have a refined lid to consider in the X.Wed 2.Nexx

In the adventure category, there's the DOT-approved X.Wed 2, which Nexx claims weights out at 3.5 pounds. Available sizes range from XS to 3XL, and there are three shell sizes used to ensure a proper fit.

The shell of the X.Wed 2 is made from X-Matrix, a blend of multiaxial fiberglass, aramid, and other organic fibers with carbon reinforcement. The PC Lexan shield offers a wide field of view and a quick-release mounting system makes shield swaps simple. It can also hold a Pinlock insert if needed. There’s a drop-down sun visor inside and Ergo Padding System for maximum comfort.

It comes with an adjustable peak that can fit an included peak extender and is also prepared for the X-Com communication system. There are three inlet vents and four exhaust vents for airflow, and reflective elements on the exterior for better visibility. The X.Wed 2 also comes with action-camera mounts on the top and side.

A plain colorway X.Wed 2 will start at $479.95 and go up to $529.95 for the X-Patrol, Hill End, and Duna graphics options.

X.R2: Racing/Street

Nexx X.R2 Helmet
The Gold Edition X.R2 will be easy to spot on the racetrack.Nexx

The X.R2 is an update to the X.R1. It's both ECE and DOT approved for safety and is available in sizes XS through 3XL. It's made from a carbon-fiber shell that's been reshaped for optimal aerodynamic performance. Nexx claims the X.R2 will tip the scales just under 3 pounds.

The PC Lexan shield is anti-scratch and features an updated locking system. It’s built to hold both a Pinlock insert and tear-offs. There’s anti-noise cheek pads inside, a chin curtain, and removable neck roll. The padding is lined with X.Mart Dry fabric, which is anti-allergic and moisture wicking.

Outside, you’ll get reflectors on the sides and back, along with a rear spoiler to provide stability at speed. Ventilation is provided by two intakes and four exhausts.

The X.R2 is the top-of-the-line full-face lid among those featured in the 2019 release, with the Golden Edition (pictured) pricing at $639.95. Lower down the price scale is the Carbon White option, which will start at $549.95.

X.G100 R: Retro Modern

Nexx X.G100 R
The X.G100 R is a retro modern lid that will come in a variety of colorways and graphics.Nexx

The X.G100 R is aimed at all the café racers out there looking to whoop it up '70s style. This one's DOT approved and made from the same X-Matrix material as the X.Vilitur and X.Wed 2. Nexx estimates the X.G100 R will weigh around 2.5 pounds depending on the size you choose. The size range is XS through 2XL, with two shell sizes utilized for a more tailored fit.

This one’s a lot more simple than some of the others Nexx has announced. It’s equipped with a Rotative Clear Shield and has a chin curtain and Ergo Padding System lined with X.Mart Dry fabric that can be removed for cleaning. A D-ring strap keeps it snugged up tight.

There will be a carbon version available, which tops the price range at $499.95. If you’re looking for a bit more affordable options, the Purist plain colorways will price at $389.95.

X.WST 2: Street Adventure

Nexx X.WST 2
The X.WST 2 is aggressive and highly functional.Nexx

Nexx took it's X.Wed 2 adventure helmet and spruced it up for the street. The result is the X.WST 2, an aggressively shaped lid that will come in 2XS through 3XL. There are three shell sizes available for a more refined fit.

The outer shell is Nexx’s X-Matrix material, and the helmet is claimed to weigh between 3 and 3.3 pounds. The PC Lexan shield can hold a Pinlock insert if necessary and is easily removed via the X-Block quick-release system. An Ergo Padding System inside is lined with X.Mart Dry fabric, which can be removed for washing when needed. It’s prepared for Nexx’s X-Com communication system as well and has a drop-down sun visor.

Outside, the shell is shaped to really cut through the wind, and three intake and four exhaust ports flow air through the inside to keep you cool and dry.

The plain colorway X.WST 2 will start at $399.95 and a Carbon Zero version will price at $499.95.

SX.100: Urban Street

Nexx SX.100 Helmet
A more subtle streetbike helmet: the SX.100.Nexx

For a less auspicious street helmet, the SX.100 comes to the rescue. This lid will be available from XS through 2XL and comes in only one shell size. The ATR shell is DOT and ECE approved, and the package as a whole is estimated to weigh close to 3.5 pounds.

The SX.100 has a PC Lexan shield with X-Swift quick-release system and is prepared for a Pinlock insert too. There’s anti-moisture, anti-allergenic fabric used on the 3-D-formed padding inside, which can be removed and washed when needed. There’s a drop-down sun visor inside as well.

The exterior shape is aerodynamically optimized and comes with two intake and two exhaust vents for airflow. Other features include a micro-metric chinstrap, chin curtain, removable breath guard, anti-noise cheek pads, and a removable neck roll. As with a number of the other lids mentioned above, the SX.100 is also made to accommodate the X-Com intercom system. Pricing ranges from $229.95 for the plain colorways up to $259.95 for the SX.100 graphics options.