It's been a while since Kawasaki's Ninja ZX-6R supersport has seen any updates. Following a six-year production run, the Green Team gives its plus-sized 636cc-powered middleweight a modest update to help it better stand out on the showroom floor. As it was with the 2014 model, added street performance and comfort is the name of the game for Kawasaki's road-going supersport.

The Ninja ZX-6R wears a redesigned upper fairing and windscreen that includes twin LED headlamps—a much needed upgrade for those who ride after dark. The 2019 Ninja is further complemented by a slimmer tailsection that hides a reshaped LED taillight. Other subtle styling changes include slimmer heel guards and the muffler’s attractive new finish treatment.

2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
Twin LEDs and a redesigned upper fairing and tailsection are some of the biggest changes for the 2019 ZX-6R.Kawasaki Motors Corporation

Instrumentation is also updated, with the swept-face tach needle changing color to indicate when it’s time to upshift. The indicator can be set within 250-rpm increments between 5,000 and 16,000 rpm. A handy feature, as the 2019 ZX-6R now comes with a quickshifter, which interrupts the ignition for full-throttle upshifts. A fuel gauge with remaining range information was also added.

2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
The Ninja’s long-stroke 636cc inline-four engine carries over. It’s known for its broad spread of torque and punchy midrange.Kawasaki Motors Corporation

The Ninja’s ergonomics were also tweaked, with a redesigned rider seat forming a narrow junction at the front which should make it easier reach to the ground. Kawasaki claims the seat is also shorter front to back, which could make it a little less accommodating for taller folks. Clutch lever position adjustment has also been added.

2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
The Ninja’s ergonomics have been tweaked slightly with a new seat that is narrow up front and shorter overall.Kawasaki Motors Corporation

Performance-wise the Ninja continues to be powered by a long-stroke 636cc inline-four. It offers a broader spread of torque than traditional 600cc class machines, which enhances acceleration performance on both road and track. The countershaft sprocket is smaller by one tooth, and will further boost acceleration. The ZX-6R comes shod with Bridgestone's latest and greatest Battlax S22 rubber, an update to their highly regarded Battlax S21, which remains in the Bridgestone lineup as a mid-priced sport tire.

2019 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
Once again, Kawasaki balances the fine line between road and track performance with its Ninja ZX-6R.Kawasaki Motors Corporation

Kawasaki is hosting its US press introduction in for the 2019 ZX-6R in Las Vegas in conjunction with the AIMExpo motorcycle show. Stay tuned for the full ride report including video in the upcoming weeks.