2015 "Best Dream Bike" MOTY Winner: Kawasaki H2R | 2015 Motorcycle of the Year Awards

Did Somebody Order 300 Horsepower?

Whether you're a seasoned veteran who fondly remembers the original H2 or a pre-license enthusiast clamoring for specs on the most exotic hyperbike, you have to be at least a little bit captivated by Kawasaki's H2R. The new, 998cc inline-four mill might not have the mystique or cachet of the original two-stroke triple, but there's plenty to drool over.

Start with the svelte, carbon-fiber skin of the R, all provocative angles partially coated with mirror-black paint. Kawasaki's first-ever use of a trellis frame stands out in metallic green, like a cage trying to hold a sinister, 300-hp monster. The single-sided swingarm is a first for Kawasaki, too, adding a hint of European glamour. Odd but exotic winglets produce downforce once the H2R reaches brain-scrambling speeds.

The centerpiece of the H2R is the centrifugal supercharger driven off the crankshaft, with the impeller spinning as high as 130,000 rpm to double the intake charge pressure and give what would otherwise be a pretty standard literbike engine gobs of low-end and midrange torque.

From a parade lap at the Isle of Man to runways around the world, the H2R blows through the 200-mph mark with unprecedented ease and leaves even hardy horsepower fanatics shaking their heads. It is, without doubt, the reincarnation of the original “Widow Maker” and is fully deserving of that famous moniker.

Dream bike, a category rife with sporting machines, takes a detour for MOTY 2015 with the limited-production Arch Motorcycle Company KRGT-1 (click here to read more about the KRGT-1). This quintessential V-twin cruiser is wrapped in an armor of high-grade aluminum and steel milled to perfection. No paint, no plastic, just pure metal artistry. With a price tag that puts its grips well out of reach of the average rider, it's the stuff that dreams are made of.