International Motorcycle Shows Suspended for 2022

Changing dynamics in the industry force the IMS to suspend its tour.

COVID, supply chain issues, and new promotion tactics force IMS to suspend its tour in 2022.Brian Hatano

International Motorcycle Shows and IMS Outdoors are officially on pause for 2022, with the tour suspended and all stops canceled for the year. The IMS has been a staple of the motorcycle industry for 40 years, allowing companies to showcase their new motorcycles to riders all over the country. Among its numerous activities and offerings, the IMS has hosted the Ultimate Builder Custom Bike Show as well as Discover the Ride, a program that gives prospective riders the chance to get on two wheels for their first time.

The IMS says it hopes to resume the tour in the future. However, there is no set plan at the moment, with the organization stating that its suspension of events will remain in place “for the foreseeable future.”

According to the IMS, pressures resulting from the COVID pandemic and ongoing supply chain struggles have forced many companies to rethink their marketing and promotion activities. These realities, it says, have made it impossible for the IMS to produce a high-caliber show and are the primary reasons for the suspension.

The original 2022 schedule was set to kick off in Colorado this June, with stops in Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Southern California, and elsewhere.