Aprilia’s Superlight 2023 RS 660 Extrema

Aprilia shows off a svelte 2023 RS 660 Extrema.

The 2023 Aprilia RS 660 Extrema pays homage to the Aprilia 125 Extrema produced between 1992 and 1994.Aprilia

As part of this year’s EICMA Motorcycle Show, Aprilia showcased a lighter version of its popular RS 660 middleweight sportbike. The RS 660 Extrema packs numerous elements which help it to shave weight, giving it one of the most impressive power to weight ratios in the class. There’s no information on pricing or if the bike will be available in the States, but in the meantime it sure is fun to look at.

Editor’s note: we’ve reported on the performance of the RS 660 during the 2021 Aprilia RS 660 First Ride Review article and video.

We’ve found the 400-ish-pound base-model RS 660 to be above average on track and street rides, so the 365-pound Extrema likely won’t disappoint in the slightest. Elements of the Extrema that help it achieve such an impressive weight savings include carbon fiber parts throughout, such as the new front mudguard and bellypan.

There’s also a street-legal exhaust system designed by SC-Project with a carbon silencer, positioned so the passenger footpegs can easily be removed if desired. The bike will come with software installed to make equipping a quickshifter a breeze.

The Extrema also features a single-seat tail fairing, though the bike will still come with a two-up seat if riding with a passenger is required, and will be available in a red, white, and green livery paying homage to its country of origin.

The RS 660 Extrema tips the scales at 365 pounds.Aprilia
Carbon fiber elements throughout help the RS 660 Extrema achieve its impressive weight savings.Aprilia
Red, white, and green livery pays homage to its country of origin.Aprilia
An SC-Project exhaust system also contributes to the RS 660’s reduction in weight.Aprilia