Real Adventure Touring in Baja With Aprilia

Aprilia serves up real adventure with its North American Tuareg Experience.

Aprilia promises real adventure in its inaugural Tuareg Experience in Baja, Mexico.Aprilia

Just in time for the cool autumn riding season, Aprilia offers would-be adventure-touring riders a real south-of-the-border escapade during its Aprilia Tuareg Experience. For $3,500 this six-day all-inclusive tour lets motorcyclists sample the soon-to-be-released Tuareg 660 middleweight ADV bike by riding it both on- and off-road.

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“Aprilia is a brand that stands behind its passion. With the launch of the Tuareg 660, a name known from the company’s history, we knew we weren’t just introducing a new model, but reintroducing Aprilia and the Tuareg name to an extremely passionate group of ADV riders,” says Marco d’Acunzo, president and CEO of Piaggio Group Americas. “The Tuareg Experience is a part of our commitment to these riders and Aprilia’s addiction to real riding, which you can find some of the best of in Baja California.”

In October, 12 lucky motorcycle riders (including staff) begin their trip in San Diego and ride a 1,000-some-mile loop visiting Ensenada, San Felipe, LA Bay, and Cataviña. Aprilia says riders should “feel comfortable with off-road application, as well as management of vehicles (height, weight, control) in these circumstances.” It says riders will log more than 200 miles most days on a variety of paved and unpaved surfaces.

Chase vehicles will provide support for the tour to help to mitigate potential breakdowns, flat tires, and so on, allowing participants to focus on the ride. Riders should limit luggage to a single stowable gear bag and backpack.