2020 Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L Display Simulator

Practice using the CRF1100L Africa Twin Multi-Information Display online!

There are a lot of functions on the Multi-Information Display (MID), and the simulator was developed in an effort to help riders become more familiar with the myriad of features of the MID. They include Apple CarPlay, ABS, and G-mode controls; as well as the settings for Honda Selective Torque Control (HSTC), wheelie control, riding modes, user mode, suspension, and DCT.

Honda has just released its interactive simulator that allows riders to practice and get familiarized with the Africa Twin’s 6.5-inch touchscreen Multi-Information Display (MID). The web-based simulator can be found on the official Honda consumer website under the Africa Twin section (you need to scroll down a little ways to reach it). Once it’s open on your monitor you will be greeted with a virtual representation of the MID that looks and responds exactly like the one on the Africa Twin.

“The electronic technology of the 2020 Africa Twin is amazingly capable, and Honda’s new Multi-Information Display simulator enables customers to more easily get the most out of their machines,” said Chris Cox, manager of Experiential Marketing & PR at American Honda. “We encourage customers—whether they already own an Africa Twin or are in the market for a new adventure bike—to give the tool a try.”

The Multi-Information Display (MID) simulator will help riders and owners of all the Africa Twin models, including the manual and Dual Clutch Transmission versions of the standard as well as the Africa Twin Adventure Sports ES, get familiarized with navigating all the MID functions.Honda

This simulator gives Honda a touchpoint for new and returning users alike. New riders may be lured in by getting a feel for the technological capabilities of the CRF1100L while experimenting with the interface, while current riders now have the opportunity to practice scrolling through the various menus and functions so that their riding experience will be that much better. It’s a win-win for everyone, so kudos to Honda for providing this unique approach to developing familiarity with its rider-assist technology.