Motorcycle Battery Buyer’s Guide

Batteries that provide optimal motorcycle performance.

The motorcycle battery. Once not even necessary for a motorcycle’s operation, but now a ubiquitous element present on just about every bike on the road. Electric start, lights, accessories, dash displays—so much relies on the electric current supplied by batteries that the modern motorcycle landscape would not be where it is today without them. There are different options, however, as technology advances and choosing the right battery requires knowledge of the demands of your machine, the weight savings you hope to gain, the degree of maintenance you want to commit to, and the cash available in your bank account. Below are great options that will have you dialed, regardless of your circumstances.

Yuasa YTX20HL Factory Activated, 12-Volt

Yuasa produces highly reliable batteries for all types of motorcycles.Amazon

The Yuasa YTX20HL 12-volt battery is a traditional, lead-acid battery that uses modern technology. It features AGM technology, is completely sealed and ready for use, and doesn’t require you to add water during its life span. Trickle charging is recommended when not in use. The USA-made battery provides 18 Ah and weighs just over 15 pounds. Yuasa is a well-established battery brand, chosen by numerous OEMs as standard kit in their bikes. The YTX20HL is built to stand up to heavy vibration and resist corrosion, as well as provide a reliably strong crank and predictable performance in cold and hot temperatures.

Shorai LFX Lithium-Ion Battery, 12-Volt

If you want to cut overall weight, consider a lithium-ion battery from Shorai.Amazon

Shorai has been producing lithium-ion batteries for almost a decade now, and has proven to be a great option for riders who want to cut weight and retain cranking power after periods of non-use. The LFX range can fit most motorcycles, and Shorai even provides filler pads to make up the space left behind when swapping out from a lead-acid battery. This 12-volt LFX weighs a scant 2.19 pounds, provides 18 Ah, is maintenance-free and comes encased in military-grade carbon composite material.

Antigravity ATX-12 Re-Start Lithium-Ion Battery, 12-Volt

Antigravity’s lithium-ion battery with a built-in battery jump-starter.Amazon

Antigravity is another lithium-ion battery producer, but its ATX-12 Re-Start comes with a built-in battery jump-starter. It’s recommended for motorcycles up to 1,200cc, has nearly twice the cranking power as a lead-acid battery, provides 12 Ah, and weighs 2.6 pounds. It’s also maintenance-free and can hold a charge for up to a year in certain circumstances. The Re-Start function is a unique touch, sensing over-discharge and putting the battery to sleep mode to avoid fully depleting while saving enough energy so your machine will restart when needed.

BikeMaster TruGel Battery, 12-Volt

BikeMaster’s TruGel Battery is compact and alleviates some of the hassle experienced with more traditional lead-acid batteries. Amazon

BikeMaster’s TruGel line of batteries come with a gel electrolyte solution inside, so is more resistant to vibration and leakage issues than traditional water-based lead-acid batteries. It provides 14 Ah, can be installed to fit inside numerous the battery compartments of many different machines, and performs better than traditional batteries in extreme temperatures.