Great Gadgets For You And Your Motorcycle In 2019

Must-have motorcycle electronics.

It’s an incredible time to be a motorcyclist, particularly if you also like to geek out on the latest electronics. Every year there are more and better options in communicators, tools, and accessories aimed to make your ride safer and more enjoyable. Electronic gadgets are also a great gift idea for your favorite rider, and with the holidays coming up quick it’s a good time to start thinking about that perfect present. So to give you a leg up on your search, we’ve picked some of the best electronic motorcycle accessories on the market today, each sure to be a welcome addition to any rider’s kit.

Sena 10C EVO Bluetooth Communicator and Camera: $399

Sena 10C EVO Bluetooth Communicator and Camera
Start your vlog today with the Sena 10C EVO.Amazon

Communication systems are a huge benefit on the road, and the Sena 10C EVO is one of the latest, greatest options around. It’s got a four-way Bluetooth intercom, 1-mile range, Wi-Fi capability, along with a QHD video camera that records in 4K at 30 FPS. You can activate video recording with the press of a button, and you can record your priceless witticisms in real time through the microphone. If you’re really savvy, have some music playing in the background as well to really make a mark on your YouTube channel. But, really, this is a fantastic communicator that packs a lot of top-quality features from a leading brand in the communicator segment.

Cardo 45mm Audio Set: $89

Cardo 45mm Audio Set
The Cardo 45mm Audio Set with JBL-designed components will significantly elevate your ride.Amazon

If you or the rider you’re buying for already has a communicator, then the Cardo 45mm Audio Set speakers with JBL internals is going to take the quality of sound inside the helmet to a whole new level. The 3.5mm jack fits just about any standard comm system currently available, but Cardo Packtalk and Freecom users will enjoy even more bass boost thanks to new sound processor and firmware updates. We got the scoop on the partnership between the two brands earlier this year, and these speakers have been designed by some of the best audio engineers in the business.

Garmin Zumo Tire Pressure Monitor: $69.99

Garmin Zumo Tire Pressure Monitor
Keep real-time tabs on your tire pressure with this monitor from Garmin.Amazon

Keeping tabs on tire pressure is essential to riding safely, and the Garmin Zumo Tire Pressure Monitor makes it simple to know your exact psi at all times. The catch is you need to have a Zumo 390LM or 590LM series GPS device in order to get info from the sensor, but if that’s already part of your kit or is something you’d like to add as well, then you’re in luck. Simply attach the monitor to your tire valve stem, pair the unit, and hit the road. The battery is replaceable and lasts up to a year and a half.

R&G Heated Grips: $53.99

R&G Heated Grips
Keep your mitts toasty with some heated grips from R&G.Amazon

This one will take a little garage time, but the R&G Heated Grips will make a huge difference when temperatures drop. These grips are fairly universal, fitting 7/8-inch-diameter handlebars with a length of 4.9 inches. The kit comes with everything you need apart from grip glue to install, and once on will provide five heat settings ranging all the way up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit for really, really cold days. This is one of those products that you might not ever think to buy, but once you have it installed it will dramatically change your ride for the better.

Xena XX-6 Bluetooth Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm: $89.99

Xena XX-6 Bluetooth Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm
The Xena XX-6 connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and provides valuable information about your bike’s status.Amazon

Electronic advancements have even made it to motorcycle disc locks, and the Xena XX-6 is a great option if you’re looking for some added peace of mind. It’s built from monobloc 304 stainless steel and has a hardened steel pin. The body is ice-proof, and a shock and movement sensor will bleat out an alarm at 120 decibels if someone comes to mess with your ride. Plus, it has built-in Bluetooth capability so you can connect your lock to your smartphone by way of the free Xena BLE app so you can monitor the battery level, change the alarm level or shock sensitivity, and be alerted the moment the alarm is triggered.

Dynaplug Ultra Compact 12V Tire Inflator: $59.99

Dynaplug Ultra Compact 12V Tire Inflator
Lightweight and easy to use, the Dynaplug Ultra Compact 12V Tire Inflator is a solid piece to have with you on a long adventure away from home.Amazon

If your machine has a 12-volt outlet, the 7-ounce Dynaplug Ultra Compact 12V Tire Inflator is a fantastically useful tool to carry along. It will also work by way of a direct connection to your battery too, so even riders on older bikes can benefit from the Dynaplug. And it will be a real asset if you ever find yourself stranded with low tire pressure, miles away from an air compressor. It’s got four power connection cords, a Schrader valve stem for accurate pressure measurement when inflating, a durable carry pouch, and an LED work light. Plus, it’ll work well at home for things like lawn mowers, ATVs, or bicycles.

Adaptiv TPX 3.0 Motorcycle Radar/Laser Detector: $399.99

Adaptiv TPX 3.0 Motorcycle Radar/Laser Detector
The Adaptiv TPX 3.0 Radar/Laser Detector will come in handy during spirited rides.Adaptiv

Let’s face it, sometimes it’s easy to fudge the speed limit a little bit during a ride. To help keep you apprised of your surroundings, pick up an Adaptiv TPX 3.0 Motorcycle Radar/Laser Detector. This unit will signal you of any radar or laser bands, has speed and red light data points, is waterproof and vibration resistant, and has large, backlit buttons that can be used while wearing gloves. It’s made to be visible in the day or night, is plug-and-play, and has the ability to be disabled if you find yourself in an area where radar detection is forbidden.

Spot X 2-Way Satellite Messenger: $240.99

Spot X 2-Way Satellite Messenger
The Spot X 2-Way Satellite Messenger will be your saving grace when a cellphone signal is nowhere to be found.Amazon

If you’re bound and determined to ride off the beaten path, then it’s likely cellphone service is going to fail you at some point. In an instance like that, the Spot X 2-Way Satellite Messenger will be a lifesaver. It can send messages to any cellphone number, has an SOS feature that sends directly to search and rescue services, can be set up to track your route at different time intervals, and has a quick check-in feature so you can let loved ones know you’re safely at your destination. It does require a subscription to work, but it will be worth its weight in gold when the time comes for you to use it.