2018 BMW F700GS

BMW’s midsize ADV price leader.

2018 BMW F 700 GSBMW

BMW’s F700GS adventure bike has the same 798cc displacement as the F800GS but costs thousands less. So what gives? The DOHC opposed twin in the F700GS is detuned, kicking out a reported 75 hp compared to 85 hp for the F800GS. And this makes the smaller machine a friendlier choice for new riders while also potentially contributing to lower finance and insurance costs. Besides delivering a noticeably mellower power hit, the F700GS weighs less than the F800GS (467 pounds versus 478 pounds, respectively) and offers newbies a lower seat height (32.3 inches versus 34.6 inches, respectively), which aids in low-speed maneuvering.

Other F800GS features cloned on the F700GS include its energizing 12.0:1 compression ratio, DOHC eight-valve cylinder head, six-speed gearbox, and triple-disc brakes. Happily, the F700GS retains its pricier sibling’s 21-inch front wheel (a “real” dirt bike feature you’ll love on the trail), while still managing to MSRP below $10,000. And so, despite the confusion over two similar 798cc bikes carrying “700” and “800” nameplates, in this case the cost savings carry the day for the F700GS.

Likes: The essential goodness of the zippy F800GS, detuned and value-priced

Dislikes: Hey product planners, why brand a 798cc model the F700GS?

Verdict: One smart pathway into the midsize ADV ranks

2018 BMW F700GS Specs and Pricing

MSRP $9,995
WET WEIGHT 467 lb.