Shoei Releases GT-Air II Sport-Touring Helmet

Refinement is the name of the game for Shoei’s touring-friendly GT-Air II helmet

Shoei’s marketing coordinator, Matthias Beier, explains the features of the new GT-Air II.Julia LaPalme

Shoei released the latest version of it sport-touring helmet, the GT-Air II to motojournalists and industry professionals at Shoei's agency headquarters in Costa Mesa, California. After a quick lunch, and mingling with our fellow guests, Matthias Beier, Shoei's marketing coordinator, explained all the new features of the heavily updated helmet.

The engineers at Shoei put a lot of attention to reducing wind noise in the new GT-Air II. The outer shell has been redesigned to be more aerodynamic, including a chin spoiler, and beefed-up beading around the visibility port to improve the seal with the visor. There are three intake and five exhaust vents, providing more airflow in and out of the helmet to increase rider comfort. The internal drop-down sun visor goes 5mm lower than before, increasing the visibility for the rider while reducing sun glare.

Motorcycle journalists and industry professionals gather for lunch and a presentation for the new Shoei GT-Air II.Julia LaPalme
A sample of the solid colors, and a couple graphic designs of the new GT-Air II.Julia LaPalme
More graphic designs available for the GT-Air II.Julia LaPalme
Matthias installs a Sena SRL2 system into a journalist’s GT-Air II. The new sport-touring helmet was designed to incorporate the Sena communication system while keeping a streamline shape of the helmet.Julia LaPalme

One of the coolest features of the GT-Air II is its ability to fully integrate with the Sena SRL2 communication system. The helmet has specific cutouts and channels within the shell to accommodate the SRL2 components while keeping a streamline shape, which improves aerodynamics and increases safety for potential impact zones in a crash. Shoei has also added its patented stainless steel mini ratchet chinstrap for quick on and off functionality, which has been tested and proven in-house to be just as safe as a double D-ring.

The GT-Air II is offered in seven solid colors for $599, and 11 graphic designs for $699, and should be available for purchase beginning next week. With all these new features (and more) of the Shoei GT-Air II, we can’t wait to get one out in the wild and test it ourselves. We will report back with our own review to let you know how well this redesign performs. Stay tuned!