Shoei's GT-Air helmet is one of the brand's flagship models, particularly for sport-touring riders. But many will be considering an upgrade in 2019 as Shoei has announced an update in the GT-Air II.

The announcement follows a spate of activity from the Japanese brand in the past few years, from the introduction of the entry-level RF-SR and more recently the revised Neotec II. The GT-Air is well known for its lightweight, quiet character on the road and great ventilation, and the GT-Air II appears to keep all those features in place while adding a few notable refinements.

Shoei gives its popular sport-touring helmet a refresh in 2019 with the new GT-Air II.Shoei

Shoei developed the GT-Air II to be compatible with the Sena SRL2 (Shoei Rider Link2) intercom system, allowing riders to seamlessly integrate the unit into the helmet without any equipment protruding from the lid.

It retains the CNS-1, 3-D molded visor as before but has an updated visor base for a tighter seal. Shoei also refined the QSV-2 sun visor, lengthening the unit by 5mm to close the gap between the bottom of the visor and the edge of the eyeport. There’s also a stainless steel ratchet retention strap built-in to keep the lid secure.

shoei gt air II
Redesigned ventilation include four exhaust ports at the back.Shoei

Shoei will offer six sizes for the GT-Air II, XS through XXL, and three different shell sizes will be used throughout the line. The smallest will cover XS through medium, the next step up will be for the large size only, and the third shell size will be used for XL and XXL.

The ventilation scheme is updated too, with dual inlets on the top of the helmet and chin area. These will be complemented by four exhaust ports, located on the upper portion of the back of the helmet.

shoei gt air II
Shoei lengthened the internal sun visor and created a tighter seal on the face shield.Shoei

Shoei made this announcement in reference to the European market, but we’re certain the GT-Air II will make it to US shores in due time. As of this writing, however, we have yet to receive information on availability or pricing, so keep your eyes peeled for those details as they’re made available.