Scramblers in the Rockies! Ducati vs Triumph | ON TWO WHEELS

In this episode of OTW, Zack and Ari take on the Rocky Mountains aboard modern-day Scramblers from Ducati and Triumph.

Before there were ADV bikes, enduros, or even dirt bikes, there were Scramblers. Simple, versatile bikes that you rode everywhere, including off road. Because both Ducati and Triumph have revived the Scrambler moniker, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit those days of yore and see what happens when street bikes are taken off road.

So we sent Zack and Ari off into the woods, with Scramblers from Ducati and Triumph, modified only with TKC80 knobbies from Continental. In this episode of On Two Wheels , they take on the Rocky Mountains aboard modern-day Scramblers to see what motorcycle adventures were like before the advent of the modern ADV bike. Do you really need an ADV or a true trail bike to venture off road? Are knobby tires and an adventure spirit all you need to have fun? Or are they in way over their heads? Click to find out!