New Protective Riding Gear From Pando Moto

Stylish and fashion-forward denim riding gear with promising features and substantial protection.

Pando Moto's aim is to offer style-centric riding apparel that offers good looks as well as certified safety features.Photo: Pando Moto

If denim riding gear is your thing, safety shouldn't take a back seat to style. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that it's all too common for motorcycle riders to skirt off the necessity of ample protection in favor of the preferred fit or style of their favorite go-to pair of jeans. Pando Moto aim to fix that, offering a line of protective wear for both men and women, derived from a line of trendy, fashion-forward clothing. Originating as a street wear brand in 2011, all designs by Pando Moto are created and produced in Europe and conform to CE standards of protection.

Looking for protective motorcycle wear that's not out of place in an urban environment? Pando Moto have you covered (literally.)Photo: Pando Moto

Pando Moto offer a wide range of styles and cuts for their pants: Slim, tapered and old-school. Most of their models feature stretch-paneling in key areas, as well as external armor pockets that are barely visible from the outside and allow for the quick removal of the included inserts. The distinct liners consist of either interlock-knit or woven DuPoint-Kevlar fabric mixed with Dyneema, Cordura, or other thick denim for layers of protection should the worst happen.

Pando Moto's jeans offer exterior pockets that house either KNOX or SAS-TEC CE approved knee protectors.Photo: Pando Moto

Also available from Pando Moto are a line of casual-style jackets, ranging from vintage slim fits to more modern patterns. They feature the same material compositions (Kevlar, Cordura, or denim, depending on the model) and also boast CE-approved armor. These jackets won't make you look out of place at your local hangout and will offer better abrasion resistance than typical denim should they meet the pavement at speed.

Pando Moto's jackets are also composed of the same Cordura or Kevlar materials as the pants, and offer similar CE approved protection. Also available is the casual line, which incorporates the same stylistic elements but forsakes the added safety of abrasion-resistant materials.Photo: Pando Moto

With various sizes available and various pricing to match, Pando Moto's apparel is priced very competitively with similar attire from other companies. Check out for more details and information regarding specifics and availability.

It's easy to see how Pando's street wear label has influenced their moto-gear subsidiary - both in terms of style and execution.Photo: Pando Moto
Gain safety and protection while looking the part. Pando Moto's jackets and pants are available in men's and women's cuts.Photo: Pando Moto