2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701 Ridden And Reviewed

If you think the Vitpilen 701 looks good in pictures, wait until you see it in motion in this episode of On Two Wheels

Husqvarna is headed in a novel direction under its new owner, KTM, and we like what we see. In an effort to re-establish the brand and break into the street market, the folks in Austria and Sweden penned the stunning Vitpilen 701. It’s powered by the familiar 693cc single from the 690 Duke but wrapped in futuristic styling that sets it apart from everything else on the road. And we’ve had a long time to pore over the specs, since the bike was first announced in late 2015.

After staring at studio images and spy photos of the bike for so long, we finally got to test the Vitpilen in Barcelona, Spain, and the riding experience is as unique as the bike’s appearance. You can read this comprehensive First Ride report to get the scoop on this exciting new model, or if you prefer your reviews in video format, we also filmed a full-length On Two Wheels. In this video, we put the Vitpilen 701 through its paces on both sides of the Atlantic to bring you a snapshot of how this bike works, where it belongs, and who it’s suitable for.