“On Two Wheels” To Air On TV On BeIN Sports!

Zack and Ari’s video projects will now be beamed to TVs across the country.

On Two Wheels hosts Zack Courts (left) and Ari Henning (right), aboard a 2016 BMW R1200GS and an original 1980 R80 G/S during a recent shoot. In that episode, the duo explore the roots of the ADV craze on the bike that spawned the category.Photo: Julia LaPalme

The Motorcyclist staff is pleased (ecstatic, really!) to announce that our video series, On Two Wheels, is going to be shown on beIN Sports, the same TV channel that airs MotoAmerica and MotoGP racing here in the US. You can watch OTW on Tuesday nights at 7:30pm (Eastern time). The show will follow a 30-minute format and is hosted by our friend and pro TV host Greg White.

This is a pretty big benchmark for the series, which started as a slapdash project back in 2012. These days, OTW is hosted by me and Zack Courts, who, as you'll find out in the first episode of On Two Wheels, has been my riding buddy since we were kids.

Beyond the thrill of having On Two Wheels appear on national TV, there's the excitement of knowing that our hard work is paying off. Video is something Zack and I enjoy and take a lot of pride in, and in a world of condensed print stories (that's actually about to change for Motorcyclist, as we're going to a bigger, 100-page, bi-monthly book and have-it-done-today digital deadlines, video is just about the only place we can fully unleash our creativity. As you'll see if you watch the show, it's all about adventure and having good times with your best friend while riding bikes. Yeah, we test stuff too, but it's in our nature to evaluate everything we ride.

The beIN show is going to reuse existing content for the first 12 episodes, and since OTW was never meant for TV we've had to work with Greg to make the episodes fit into the allotted 23-minute slot. But we managed to make the puzzle pieces fit, and I think the episode mix is awesome. You'll see some classics like The Great Ural Adventure and Scramblers in the Rockies, and given that we know future episodes will be on TV (and because our Youtube audience keeps asking for longer videos), we'll likely aim for 23 minutes from here on out.

So tune in, sit back, and enjoy the show. And make sure to let us know what you think, either here on the website, on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, or in the comments section on our YouTube channel.