The wait is finally over, Motorcyclist magazine's On Two Wheels show returns for 2019 and picks up where the old cast left off. For the new season, the show doubles down on talent, er, or lack thereof, with the cast growing to four hosts. Learn more about the new cast of clowns on Motorcyclist's On Two Wheels page.

In episode one, these miscreants introduce themselves to the YouTube world before settling into a set of challenges aboard a hodgepodge of motorcycles. To make things interesting, each of the guys rides a different type of machine that they claim best represents their personality and genre of riding they enjoy most.

Their motorcycles range from a friendly and affordable 286cc-powered Honda CB300R to a supercharged 998cc Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX sport-touring bike. Then there's a 700-plus-pound Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic and a motorcycle that really isn't even a motorcycle: the three-wheel-equipped and Russian-made Ural.

On Two Wheels Crew
On Two Wheels is back in action with a new group of hosts. From left to right, Morgan Gales, Michael Gilbert, Adam Waheed, and Justin Dawes add their own expertise to the series.Motorcyclist Staff

The first challenge sees the boys drag race on a private airstrip. Of course, chaos ensues. Let’s just say horsepower isn’t everything…

Because everyone loves adventure (well, almost everyone) the guys load their bikes with camping equipment. As you’d expect, some struggle more than others. On the way to camp they detour across a curvy hillside fire road. Things go sideways for all of them. Does everyone stay upright? Tune in to find out.

On Two Wheels Crew
The oddest drag race. The 2019 Honda CB300R vs 2019 Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX vs 2019 Harley-Davidson Heritage Classic vs 2019 Ural Gear UpMotorcyclist Staff

For the third challenge, the guys battle it out at the gas pump, with a game of "fuel mileage chicken," a contest seemingly built for Waheed's fuel-sipping CB. But will Gilbert and Gales outmuscle him? Will Dawes' use the Ural's passenger accommodation to carry an extra jug of fuel? Stay tuned for a surprise. After more wrong turns than the guys will likely admit they arrive at camp for the evening.

For the fourth and final challenge the guys visit a private dirt track and go around in circles to see who’s top dog. The winner? Find out for yourself by watching the video. Leave us a comment afterward and let us know how we did, and what we could do to improve the following episode. Enjoy!