BMW R 1300 GS - Motorcycle of the Year

BMW’s R 1300 GS is Motorcyclist’s motorcycle of the year.

Time sure flies when you’re having fun. And oh boy, did we have a lot of fun this year. We tested nearly 30 new motorcycles. Wow, that’s a lot of metal. No doubt we went on a lot of great rides and were able to evaluate a lot of exquisite machinery, but none made an impression on us like BMW’s R 1300 GS adventure bike.

BMW basically invented the adventure motorcycle segment with its original 1981 R80G/S (read the The Genesis of the BMW R80 G/S article). Over the decades, it has manufactured more than 1 million GS bikes worldwide. How crazy is that? Now, what we really like about the R 1300 GS is that it really gets back to the basics in a way. This motorcycle is smaller, it’s more compact, it’s lighter, yet it is every bit as, if not more, capable as ever before. Now there’s a whole lot more to discuss on this R 1300 GS, so make sure to check out our 2024 BMW R 1300 GS and R 1300 GS Trophy Edition Reviews article and Top 10 Features of the 2024 BMW R 1300 GS ADV Bike video.

To summarize, if there was one motorcycle we had to purchase right now, it would without a doubt be BMW’s R 1300 GS because it just does everything. Whether you ride on the street, off-road, commute, or tackle distance touring, this bike literally does everything. And with a price tag right around $20,000, this motorcycle can be configured basically any way you want, courtesy of Motorrad’s plethora of options and accessories. There you have it: The BMW R 1300 GS is Motorcyclist’s Motorcycle of the Year.

Thanks for riding with us and we’ll see you next year.