MC Tested: RAM Mounts X-Grip and Tough-Claw Cell Phone Mount For Motorcycles

Tech geeks on two wheels will appreciate this cell phone mounting system.

RAM Mounts X-grip
RAM uses the same design for both their civilian and military mounts. This one was tested both on and off road, and even in a crash.Photo: Julia LaPalme

Being a tech geek I am always looking for new things to add to my phone, a new case, screen protector, or in this case a mount. There are plenty of phone mounts out there but the biggest name in mounts is RAM Mounts. They make mounts for almost anything, from phones and tablets to printers and touchscreens for the military. So when the opportunity to review one of their mounts came up I jumped at it.

Hopping on their website and seeing all the different types of mounts is a bit overwhelming. Thankfully their Phone Mount Wizard is there to make building your mount a cinch. Yes, that's right you have to part together your mount. The level of customization of these mounts is near endless. So as I needed something that can be moved from one bike to another I opted for their Small Tough Claw base with a short arm and their X-Grip Cradle.

RAM Mounts X-Grip cradle
RAM Mounts X-Grip cradle Buy It NowPhoto: Julia LaPalme

When they call their products tough they mean it. They use the same design for both their civilian and military mounts. As a member of the armed forces I have personally tried to destroy both models and they are build to the same standards, and they are both very very hard to break. I have had this mount on dual sport bikes in the dirt to sport bikes on a track, and not once has it come loose or let go of my phone. Even after a, ahem, meeting with the pavement, the RAM Mount did its job flawlessly.

I will admit when I first saw the X-Grip cradle I was a bit worried as there is no support for the bottom of my phone. Concerns about it vibrating down and out were valid but ill-informed. The X-Grip has not once let my phone slip one bit, even when riding off-road. If you’re still understandably concerned about it shaking loose they provide a rubber tether to keep your phone locked right where you want it.

The mount I received was their Universal Cell/iPhone Cradle. While it's intended for for the smaller variety of smart phones my phablet iPhone 6 Plus with a medium bulk rugged case fit a bit tight but worked. For larger phones they recommend their Large Phone/Phablet Cradle. Their cradles do have min and max dimensions so bust out a ruler before ordering.

As we in the office here move from bike to bike pretty regularly I opted for their Small Tough Claw base. This little thing can clamp to most any motorcycle handlebar or not. While it’s jaws are curved to clamp bars up to 1.5” it will also hold tight to flat surfaces up to 1.14”. I was very impressed that it was able to clamp on to the edge of the solid top triple clamp of an Aprilia RSV4 and not impede steering at all.

RAM X-Grip and Tough-Claw base
RAM X-Grip and Tough-Claw basePhoto: Julia LaPalme

So all this versatility does come at a bit of a premium cost. My build will set you back around $75. This is a bit pricey for a phone mount but since you can build it to your specific needs you can lower the price quite a bit. Just swapping out the claw base for a Brake/Clutch Clamp Base dropped the overall price to $56.

So at $75 it’s not the cheapest mounting option available, but it will probably be the last mount you will buy. Plus they offer a lifetime warranty and it’s made in the good ol’ US of A!

RAM Mounts X-Grip, Tough-Claw Base
PRICE: $75

VERDICT: A bit pricier than others but with a lifetime warranty and military grade durability it's well worth the cost of admission.