The Lowside Of The Born-Free Motorcycle Show

Inside Southern California’s biggest custom motorcycle show.

In this episode of The Lowside, Morgan heads to the Born-Free Motorcycle Show, Southern California's biggest and best custom motorcycle event. First off is the Born-Free Stampede—flat-track races that highlight custom and vintage motorcycles, as well as modern hooligans on heavy streetbikes. Then off to the preparty with DicE Magazine at the House of Machines in LA for some good music and good times with good friends. Finally, we hit the big event and get a look at the huge variety of bikes on display, trying our hardest to soak it all in among the crowds and excitement in Oak Canyon Ranch in Silverado, California.

We hear from the guys who started it all, Mike and Grant, the original founders of Born-Free, about how their passion for motorcycles and good times keeps custom bikes at the heart, avoiding commercial takeover and staying relevant. Then we hear from Bill Davidson, great-grandson of the co-founder of Harley-Davidson, about how he perceives Born-Free and what it’s doing for the motorcycle scene. Lastly, Jenna from Stellar Moto Brand gives us a look at how the show has changed to become more encouraging and welcoming for everyone who isn’t a guy on a chopper.

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