Klim F3 Carbon Helmet First Look

Klim has announced the lightest helmet it has ever made.

Klim F3 Carbon Helmet on white background.
A large eyeport gives the F3 Carbon a wide field of view.Klim

Klim has revealed details of its lightest helmet to date, the F3 Carbon. The company doesn't disclose any actual weight numbers associated with the lid as of yet, so we'll have to take its word until we can get our hands on a sample.

Klim F3 Carbon Helmet side view on white background.
Left: Placed in Klim's Snow category, the F3 Carbon's safety rating makes it appropriate for off-road motorcycle use as well. Right: This is the lightest helmet Klim has ever produced.Klim

You might also notice the F3 Carbon is part of Klim’s Snow line, but its ECE safety rating makes it appropriate for off-road use as well. According to Klim staff, the only major difference between this lid and an off-road segment helmet is that you’ll receive a removable breath box with the F3 Carbon, intended to help goggles from fogging and the snow from bombarding your face.

Klim F3 Carbon Helmet back on white background.
Hand-laid carbon fiber gives the F3 Carbon its strength.Klim

The hand-laid carbon-fiber shell will be available in three shell sizes, and a triple-layer EPS liner will help absorb impact forces. Klim chose to hand lay the carbon fiber to get more consistent thickness throughout the outer shell, and avoid bubbling that can occur in other carbon-fiber manufacturing techniques.

It’s equipped with a direct vent EPS design, with 13 intake vents and six exhaust vents flowing air through the helmet. There’s a Fid-Lock quick-release strap and extra-large eyeport for a broad field of vision.

Klim F3 Carbon Helmet in all-black colorway on white background.
The F3 Carbon in all-black colorway.Klim

Inside is an antimicrobial, moisture-wicking liner stretched over 3-D cheek pad foam. It’s designed to be comfortable and secure while wearing a neck brace as well.

Klim is offering the F3 Carbon in black and hi-vis colorways starting August 1, 2019. Pricing for this featherweight helmet starts at $399.99.