Indian Motorcycle Project Chieftain Custom Motorcycle Build-Off

North American Indian dealers show their customizing skills.

Peoria Indian custom Chieftain

Arizona Sunset — Indian Motorcycle Peoria

Features include a 26-inch custom front wheel with matching rear, Stage 2 Indian Pipes with custom tips, and Indian cams for performance. The air ride system brings the bike down, blended with stretched bags, side body panels, and custom front fairing. Built by Indian Motorcycle of Peoria with help from AZZKIKR Len, Hoagie, and Darwin.©Motorcyclist

Over the past several months, Indian Motorcycle dealers across North America have been turning wrenches and spraying paint to create what they feel is the most legendary custom Chieftain in the world. The bikes are built and it's now up to you to determine which one nailed it. Three winners will be announced at Daytona Bike Week 2017, and casting a vote makes you eligible to win a 2017 Chieftain of your own. Take a look at the 11 entries below and then click this link to cast your vote.

Coastal Indian custom Chieftain

American Proud — Coastal Indian Motorcycle

This custom Chieftain mixes history with the present. Coastal Indian honors the American men and women that created Indian back in 1901 while recognizing the awesome team that brought it back to us. Another special thanks to all the service men and women, this bike is designed to honor the past and future: American Proud.©Motorcyclist
Nitrous-injected Indian Chieftain

The Holeshot — Indian Motorcycle of Terrebonne (Quebec, Canada)

Terrebonne built this motorcycle to perform on dragstrips. The frame, swingarm, fork, wheels, and engine have been customized to give it this original drag look with colors that were chosen to turn heads. The final touch is a nitrous oxide system for an added boost.©Motorcyclist
Massachusetts custom Chieftain

Barnstorm Chieftain — Indian Motorcycle of Central Massachusetts

Already known for its handling and ergonomics, the over in Central Massachisetts was to elevate the aspects of the Chieftain performance platform, increasing power output with Indian Motorcycle performance cams, intake, and a handmade stainless exhaust. Stunt-inspired bars and controls were added to bring the bike to an unprecedented level of comfort, ability and aesthetics.©Motorcyclist
Daytona Beach Indian Chieftain custom build

Violet Tendencies — Indian Motorcycle Daytona Beach

This build from Daytona Beach showcases modern muscle with classic soul. Paint work by Chris Cruz Artistry launches this Indian Chieftain into a thoughtful level of edginess and class. A 30-inch Gorby's Machine front wheel pulls you into the front fairing's perfectly flushed lighting and onto the Master Lugo seat. A true dual turnout exhaust exits under the AZZKIKR rear end.©Motorcyclist
Head Indian custom Chieftain

Classic Elegance — Head Indian Motorcycle

This beautiful bike from Head Indian evokes feelings of days gone by, living up to its name “Classic Elegance." The gold and brown brown paint scheme along with cream accents and rich leather creates a striking visual and almost tactile image. With 17 factory accessories, 22 Indian engravings and emblems it’s impossible to confuse this bike's classic linage. Custom bags, tank and 26-inch spoke wheel complete the transformation.©Motorcyclist
Hollister Indian custom Chieftain

Tequila Sunset — Indian Motorcycle of Hollister

This custom bagger features a 23-inch front wheel, stretched front fender, raked triple trees, custom gold metallic paint, custom-made side covers, custom-made air cleaner, and french-molded turn signals in the saddle bags.©Motorcyclist
Sin City Indian custom Chieftain

Sin City King — Sin City Indian Motorcycle

The King is back in Las Vegas with a 26-inch wheel pushed by a 111 Thunder Stroke cammed engine. The iconic Sin City style airbrush work runs from the stretched tank to the tail-dragged rear end with a custom 2-into-1 exhaust. Built at Sin City Indian with the help from AZZKIKR Len, Hoagie, and Darwin.©Motorcyclist
Indian of Charlotte custom Chieftain

Lightning Bolt — Indian Motorcycle of Charlotte

This custom Chieftain from Charlotte features an Arsenal Racecraft 119-cubic-inch Thunder & Lightning engine, custom heads, cylinders, cams, hand-built brakes, 6-degree rake, carbon fiber wheels, hydrographic printing/painting, custom seat and more. Built by Indian Motorcycle of Charlotte with help from Will Wagner, Richie Ward, Jere Peterson, Arsenal Racecraft, Will Perry, Wayne Hagler, Andy Jay and Dan Moses.©Motorcyclist
Sawtooth custom Chieftain

Don't Tread On Me — Sawtooth Indian Motorcycle

This build out of Meridian, Idaho, is based on a second amendment theme with a distressed black-and-yellow color scheme inspired by the Gadsden flag (aka "Don't Tread On Me"). It features the snake emblem on the bags in a reflective gunmetal grey with "Shall Not Be Infringed" lettering across the fairing and a hint of the American flag on the saddlebag lids. The Sawtooth builders then added a 21-inch copper wheel with thick spokes, chopped front fender, six shooter exhaust with Indian air intake, and highway bars with pegs.©Motorcyclist
Metro Milwaukee Indian Chieftain

Force Fed — Indian Motorcycle of Metro Milwaukee

This boosted bagger from the Metro Milwaukee dealership features a custom Aztec gold paint job, custom-cut front fender to expose the Performance Machine wheel, Rinehart Racing exhaust and a supercharger.©Motorcyclist