Harley-Davidson And Rolling Stones Limited-Edition Apparel

The new collection of 58 styles blends design concepts from both brands.

Harley-Davidson and The Rolling Stones’ new apparel collaboration features three types of graphics that encompass 58 total styles.Tyler Greenblatt

Harley-Davidson. The Rolling Stones. Two legends of street and stage that complement each other's attitudes beautifully. For the first time, these two iconic brands have come together for a limited-edition apparel collaboration that takes the best styling that both have to offer and turns it into a killer line of men's, women's, and youth apparel.

The Modern Mash-up collection joins the iconic logos of both brands to make one badass statement.Tyler Greenblatt

The new Harley-Davidson collection will have 58 total styles categorized into "Modern Mash-ups," "Tour/On the Road," and "Bootleg," each of which celebrates a different meaning behind the collaboration. Modern Mash-ups utilizes H-D logos and the Rolling Stones logos to create iconic, fashionable designs for an entirely new generation of riders and music fans. Tour/On the Road designs are all about, well, being on the road, with styles that represent the adventure of riding a Harley and the tour bus lifestyle. Bootleg is all about the rock shows of the '70s, featuring styles reminiscent of those that used to be sold outside of rock concerts in that era.

The Tour/On the Road styles take the sense of adventure of riding a Harley with the spirit of the Stones’ greatest highway tracks.Tyler Greenblatt

While it’s tough to find anyone who doesn’t like the Rolling Stones, Harley riders especially have been able to relate to the band’s music since they hit US shores in the 1960s. “Paint it Black” and “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” are themes every Harley rider can relate to in some way while the band’s iconic record cover art and logos mesh right in with The Motor Company’s gas-tank designs and ever-modernizing logos.

The Bootleg styles are just that: reminiscent of the unofficial merch sold outside rock concerts in the ’70s that today are artistic pop culture references.Tyler Greenblatt

The Rolling Stones and Harley-Davidson collaboration apparel is available at Harley-Davidson dealerships worldwide and also online at H-D.com.