Golden And Hodges Look To Break Records In “Evel Live 2”

Airing live on the History channel July 7.

Axel Hodges and Vicki Golden pose with motorcycles.
Axel Hodges and Vicki Golden could leave the San Bernardino International Airport having set three new motorcycle stunt records.A&E Network

This Sunday, July 7, Vicki Golden and Axel Hodges will set-out to break three motorcycle records during a live television broadcast on the History channel. “Evel Live 2” will air at 8pm ET.

Last year, Travis Pastrana honored the late Evel Knievel in the first “Evel Live” event, recreating three of famed stunt rider’s iconic jumps in Las Vegas. This time around Pastrana passes the torch, instead co-hosting alongside Matt Iseman from the San Bernardino International Airport, leading viewers through all three new stunts.

Vicki Golden on motorcycle with firewall.
Golden will be the first female to attempt to break the motorcycle firewall record.A&E Network

Golden is going to attempt to break the current motorcycle firewall record that was set in 2006, and which currently stands at 12 flaming wooden boards. She’ll ride an Indian FTR 1200 S into the flames, and become the first female to go after this particular record in the process.

Axel Hodges jumps with motorcycle off of dirt hill.
Hodges is going after two motorcycle jump distance records.A&E Network

Hodges will take on the next two stunts. His first feat will be to jump over 25 semi-trucks, besting the previous record set by Knievel’s son Robbie back in 2008. He’ll then move on to tackle the jump distance record, which is currently 378 feet, nine inches. Robbie Maddison set that record back in 2011. For both jumps, Hodges will be on a Kawasaki KX450.

Axel Hodges and Vicki Golden ride motorcycles in front of airplanes.
The three-hour broadcast is scheduled for Sunday, July 7, at 8pm ET on the History channel.A&E Network

The three-hour broadcast will also feature plenty of commentary from the likes of Maddison, Bob Sorokanich, and Jimmy Coleman. There will also be lots of archival footage and analysis of previous record attempts and daredevil milestones.