ReadyRamp | MC TESTED

A motorcycle loading ramp that doubles as a pickup-truck bed-extender.

In the lexicon of thrifty Americans, any two-for-one proposition is a killer deal. Killing two birds with one stone is even better. That’s the story with the ReadyRamp—a motorcycle loading ramp that doubles as a pickup-truck bed-extender.

Based on a wildly popular (and oft-copied) design pioneered by motorcycle aftermarket legend (and ATK founder) Horst Leitner, the ReadyRamp is a three-piece ramp that folds via a pair of concealed hinges. In outstretched form, it’s a motorcycle ramp. Once the bike is loaded, the ramp can be partially folded and attached to the tailgate, extending the truck’s bed to boost cargo space.

Available in black or silver, the ReadyRamp comes in a 7-foot version for compact pickups and an 8-foot version for full-size trucks. We tested the smaller, 600-lb.-capacity unit on a Toyota Tacoma and it worked great. The ramp is wide and has long, rubber-covered tabs that provide a good purchase on the tailgate. The arched shape is suitable for sportbikes and cruisers alike since it provides clearance for full fairings and low frame rails.

The ReadyRamp comes with a selection of hardware that allows it to be used as a bed-extender on all popular pickup trucks. The only compromise in this two-for-one deal is a relatively short ramp with a steep incline. Also, for those daredevils who like to throttle their bike up the ramp, the flat-topped rungs can be slippery. Fortunately, this issue can be resolved with some stick-on grip tape.


PRICE: $269.95 7-ft., $299.95 8-ft.
CONTACT: ReadyRamp,
Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars.

A must-have for any bike-hauling pickup-truck driver.