Ernie Vigil Races Scrambler 1200 XE At NORRA Mexican 1000

Watch this video of Ernie Vigil racing a Triumph Scrambler 1200 in Mexico.

Stuntman Ernie Vigil rode a relatively stock Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE to fifth place in the Modern Open Class at the 2019 Mexican 1000.Jeff Allen

After hearing that Ernie Vigil raced a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE at the 2019 NORRA Mexican 1000 we knew that a video would not be far behind. While reading about his exploits during the multiday event, actually seeing him and the heavyweight Scrambler in action provides a little insight into what it looks like to actually ride and compete on the racecourse in Baja.

From the foggy starting line on day 1 to the spandex-covered glory of the checkered flag at the finish, it is impressive to watch Vigil manhandle the Scrambler through the rocks, silt, and high-speed roads that make up the Mexican 1000 course. Keep in mind this was a relatively stock motorcycle with the exception of a few mods to make the bike a bit more off-road worthy.

For more information on the Triumph Scrambler model lineup, check out the official Triumph website at

If you think you have what it takes to survive a weeklong race in Baja, maybe you would like to participate in the 2020 NORRA Mexican 1000. Who knows, we might be writing a story about you next time.