Ducati Reveals Two Scrambler Concepts At EICMA 2019

Meet the Scrambler Motard and Scrambler DesertX.

During its 2020 model debut presentation, Ducati unveiled two Scrambler concepts that are quite intriguing.

The Scrambler Motard and Scrambler DesertX are purportedly slated for construction, but for now are merely the stuff of dreams. From the looks of things though, both models will be standouts among an already crowded field of Ducati Scramblers.

Ducati Scrambler Motard Overview

The Scrambler Motard looks ready for trouble.Ducati

The Motard will be built around Ducati's 803cc L-twin, but from there it looks to be unique among the Scrambler designs so far. The rerouted exhaust pipes terminating in a high muffler is a far cry from the models currently available, and looks to provide additional ground clearance. It's also got a tall front mud guard, skid plate, and somewhat lower handlebar positioning. Rather than being bolt-on transformation of the stock Scrambler, the Motard appears to be much more purpose-built, similar Ducati's approach with the Desert Sled.

Ducati Scrambler DesertX Overview

The DesertX is my personal favorite of the two.Ducati

Similarly, the DesertX is clearly aimed at the adventure market, and Ducati has strayed even further from the stock Scrambler design. Claudio Domenicali explained in his presentation that the DesertX will make use of the 1,079cc L-twin engine platform, and its design is meant to invoke the spirit of '90s rally bikes, specifically the Cagiva Elefant. And its shrouds, windscreen, fuel tank, seat, rear rack, tailsection, tires, and engine protection all suggest this bike will be a blast off road.

I’m a big fan of this approach. While the variants before provided some aesthetic options for riders, creating options with clearer identities and capabilities allows Ducati to produce more capable machines for a variety of different riding styles.