When it comes to irreverent fun on two wheels, few names sound out as loudly as Deus Ex Machina. From the beaches of Bali to the snowy mountains of Italy, the team at Deus knows how to have fun, and it likes to prove that fact at events like the Deus Swank Rally that went on a couple weeks ago in the picturesque Riva Valdobbia region of Northwestern Italy.

The Swank Rally follows the “honor system,” with each rider starting and stopping the stopwatch on his or her own before recording the time. This helps keep the competition loose and ensures that everyone knows what the real goal is: Make a time you’re happy with, but first and foremost have fun.

Whatever bike the rider was on, most faces wore a smile similar to this one.Monti Smith
Fur collar, Elders Co. helmet, and a vintage KTM: Is there such thing as too much style?Monti Smith
While the vintage and customs get most of the attention, riders on bikes like this Honda CR500R pull the fastest times.Monti Smith
A race-ready Harley-Davidson Sportster in XR1200 dress (though not a factory XR1200).Monti Smith
From the bike to the outfit, this guy is equal parts business and style.Monti Smith
Looking closely, you’ll see some of the same bikes making laps with different riders. When it’s all about fun and you’re not pushing the bikes to such extremes, it’s a little easier to share with the competition.Monti Smith
As if the food and art weren’t enough to bring you to Italy, you have gorgeous views like this one.Monti Smith
Hot goulash, comin’ right up!Monti Smith
Riders in the pit getting ready to head out on timed solo runs through the icy track.Monti Smith
This Deus Yamaha XSR900 has been haunting my dreams. Like much of the event, it is such an awesome blend of function and style.Monti Smith
A vintage KTM in the snow and an open track with nobody tracking your time but yourself—sounds perfect.Monti Smith
Riders of all skill levels are welcome at the Swank Rally.Monti Smith
From the kitchen to the campfire, attention is paid to every detail.Monti Smith
Modifications for the terrain: Twist screws into tire for snow traction, cross out “DUST” and write “ICE.”Monti Smith