Dainese's Settanadue is a growing group of different motorcycle gear lines, each inspired by the history of riding wear. There's the Speed Leather line, which has an unmistakable '70s tone, the Archetypes line, which draws its flavor from the '60s, and now the Dunes line, which is directly inspired by the Paris-Dakar races of the '70s, '80s, and '90s.

The main pieces of the Dunes are given names derived from stages and locations of Paris-Dakar. And in some cases, the style is directly attributed to riders who have made an impact during the race’s history.

Dainese Alger Tex Jacket on white background.
The Alger Tex Jacket is inspired by Italian Paris-Dakar champion Edi Orioli.Dainese

Take the Alger Nomad Tex Jacket, for example. This piece pays homage to Italian racer Edi Orioli, a multiple race winner through the late ’80s and early ’90s. The highly ventilated textile jacket is made from Trixivent hyperfabric alongside mesh panels. There are suede inserts for additional abrasion resistance, and Pro Shape protectors for the shoulders and elbows are also available. You get 11 total patches on the Alger, eight of which are fixed and three which can be removed and replaced. Round out the look with the elasticized textile Alger Pants and you’re looking at a pretty comfortable getup.

Dainese Kidal men's jacket and Djanet women's jacket on white background.
Left: For maximum protection and rally style, there's the Kidal Leather Jacket. Right: The Djanet has textile inserts in key areas for improved fit.Dainese

If you want a higher level of protection, there’s the Kidal Leather Jacket for men and the Djanet Leather Jacket for women. Each of these pieces is made from Serir cowhide and can be fit with Pro Shape protectors in the elbows and shoulders and G1 or G2 back protectors. The Kidal packs a classic four cargo pocket design, has ventilation options, and includes soft stretch material at the wrists while the Djanet is a little more sleek looking and built with elasticized textile in key areas to improve fit.

Dainese Kifa Lady Tex Jacket on white background.
Women can choose the Kiffa Lady Tex Jacket when they need something lightweight and breathable.Dainese

Women also get a textile option in the Kiffa Lady Tex Jacket, built with elasticized textile and suede inserts. There are four pockets on the front and ventilation on the chest and sleeves. It will also accommodate Pro Shape protectors in the shoulders and elbows.

Dainese Kayes Tex and Dunes No-Wind Jacket on white background.
Left: The Kayes Tex Jacket is a lighter option with suede reinforcements. Right: The Dunes No-Wind Jacket can be worn under any of Dainese's jackets.Dainese

The Kayes Tex Jacket and Sabha Tex Jacket are both made from the same Dunes elasticized textile as well. The Kayes is the more durable of the two pieces due to its suede inserts. The Sabha aims at comfort in hot conditions, providing a massive mesh on the back of the torso and sleeves. Each of these jackets can be fit with Pro Shape protectors too.

Additional products include the Atar Tex pants, a selection of gloves, and two vests, the Dunes Down and Djado Tex.

You can see all the pieces here.

Biker wearing the new Dunes collection from Dainese while riding in desert.
The new Dunes collection from Dainese is inspired by the Paris-Dakar races of the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s.Dainese