Dainese D-air Smart Jacket First Look

This airbag vest can be worn under any riding jacket or racing suit.

Dainese D-air Smart Jacket
Dainese has been an innovator in motorcycle airbag technology and the Smart Jacket is the culmination of those lessons learned during actual airbag deployment and the refinement of the materials and processes that make the D-air system possible.Dainese

The new Dainese Smart Jacket is a D-air airbag vest that can be worn over or under any motorcycle jacket or suit and does not require any type of connection to the motorcycle. This allows the Smart Jacket to be utilized quickly and easily by both street riders and track riders who are searching for the extra level of protection that can be provided by airbag-equipped safety gear.

Dainese D-air Smart Jacket
The Smart Jacket is a single garment that combines the latest in Dainese airbag technology for motorcycles with tether-free versatility for incredible ease of use.Dainese

With more than 20 years of fine-tuning the D-air on the road and track, Dainese is excited to have finally cut the cord and made it even easier to use the system. Not only will the Smart Jacket reduce damage from impacts as the result of a crash, but this latest version of D-air can detect stationary rider and vehicle impacts like those that might occur while the rider is stopped at a traffic signal.

Dainese D-air Smart Jacket
Over the past two decades Dainese has poured its heart and soul into the development and refining of its sophisticated D-air algorithm and, now, it is intended to predict accidents, including stationary vehicle and stationary rider collisions.Dainese

Here’s how it works. The Smart Jacket consists of three components: First, the exterior shell is a ventilated material that is designed to maximize airflow and rider comfort while housing the D-air and Shield. Second is the D-air brain which is the triggering algorithm that calculates at “a rate of 1,000 times per second, this electronic central unit analyzes data transmitted by seven sensors and detects dangerous situations, activating the system only when necessary.” The third component is the Shield airbag that “integrates proprietary internal microfilaments that guarantee inflation is even and controlled throughout the entire surface.”

Dainese D-air Smart Jacket
The D-air Smart Jacket is designed to be worn separately from any particular piece of gear so that can be used while riding any motorcycle plus it is available for both men and women.Dainese

The Smart Jacket utilizes the third-generation D-air Road range technology which includes a 25-hour battery life, plus fast charging capability while allowing maximum airflow thanks to the design of the front portion of the Shield. The unit is folded in half prior to deployment, which permits plenty of air to flow to the rider’s body. Once the Shield is deployed, it envelops the rider’s upper body in a split second and Dainese claims the back of the airbag provides the same amount of impact protection as seven Level 1 back protectors. It can also be repacked at any authorized Dainese dealer.

Dainese Smart Jackets will be available in six sizes for both men and women and beginning in July 2019 with an MSRP of $699.