Tariffs Could Devastate Motorcycle Industry

Industry leaders encourage activism ahead of new import taxes.

The tariff will affect more than just Chinese brand motorcycles like CFMoto. It will affect any motorcycle, or motorcycle product, coming into the US from China.Stephen Piper

The Motorcycle Industry Council is asking riders to help stop a new round of tariffs on Chinese products. The sanctions will directly affect equipment and apparel that riders depend on, as well as motorcycle parts and accessories and bikes built in China. The proposed additional 25 percent duty on Chinese goods lumps gear like boots and gloves in with common replacement parts, like lithium-ion batteries, and curiosities, like live manatees and blue-veined cheeses. Perhaps more devastating to a business already working with tight margins is a catchall—number 8714.10.00 on the list—that includes all “Pts. & access. for motorcycles (including mopeds).”

The MIC makes the case that, in today’s motorcycling economy, even the most ardent purchasers of American apparel and machines are going to feel a pinch to the wallet.

“The proposed China List 4 includes essentially everything that is not currently subject to an additional 25 percent tariff on Lists 1–3,” MIC Senior Vice President Scott Schloegel says. “Tariffs are taxes paid by companies and consumers in America and it is critical that you make your voice heard now.”

If you have something to say about the new tariffs, time is short to add your name to the list. June 10 marks the deadline to submit a request to testify before the US Trade Representative Section 301 Committee. Instructions on how to submit are here on Page 2 under E. Hearing Presentation. Further down the document, you can see all categories and product types subject to the new tariff.

The MIC is also asking for riders to reach out to its Government Relations Office to hear about the specific items on List 4 China Tariffs you’d like to have removed, along with your reasoning. You can reach Scott Schloegel at sschloegel@mic.org to share your request up until June 7.