Aprilia plans to take its RSV4 superbike to unparalleled levels in 2019, announcing preliminary details on the new RSF4 1100 Factory. The Italian manufacturer plans to give the machine an official unveiling during this year's EICMA show in Milan, but has provided plenty of fodder to drool over as the show spins up. A revised RSV4 RR is also on deck for the coming model year, and we'll detail coming changes on that below, but the real kicker is the 1100 Factory, a beast of a machine with eye-popping power and MotoGP-derived design.

2019 Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory And RSV4 RR
Aprilia Americas

Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory

The RSV4 1100 Factory gets a bump in displacement, as the name suggests. It will pack a 1,078cc, 65-degree V-4 engine that promises a whopping 217 hp at 13,200 rpm and 90 pound-feet of torque at 11,000 rpm. Aprilia achieved the boost by expanding the bore from 78mm to 81mm and keeping the same 52.3mm stroke and 13.6:1 compression ratio as on the RR version. This change follows a similar path Aprilia took in 2015 with its Tuono, when it was raised from 1,000cc to the 1,100cc configuration.

RSV4 1100 Factory
The new RSV4 1100 Factory is more powerful than ever.Aprilia Americas

The engine changes continue with a new oil pump for better flow capacity, new oil jets, revised intake valve timing and longer-ratio fifth and sixth gears. The EFI was changed too, for improved performance, and the Magneti Marelli 7SM ECU is remapped with a limiter of 13,600 rpm. Aprilia also changed the layout of the exhaust manifolds and added a street-legal, titanium Akrapovic exhaust, lightening the weight of the machine overall. All told, the RSV4 1100 Factory tips scales at 438.7 pounds, ready to ride.

ferocious V-4 engine
With MotoGP-derived design and a ferocious V-4 engine, the RSV4 1100 Factory promises unparalleled performance.Aprilia Americas

Aprilia already had a remarkably sophisticated frame structure on the previous model, which offered numerous adjustment options, so keeps the same frame as before with the new Factory version. But base setup and the weight distribution have been revised. There are new steering bushings which lower the headstock slightly; the wheelbase is shortened a small amount also. Then there’s the new Öhlins Nix fork setup, which affords 5mm more travel than before, for a total of 4.9 inches of movement out front. An Öhlins TTX shock handles bumps at the rear and an Öhlins steering damper keeps the bars in check. Aprilia has also stiffened the aluminum swingarm for better precision while cornering.

updated suspension
A sophisticated electronics package and updated suspension make the RSV4 1100 Factory adjustable to any rider’s needs.Aprilia Americas

As for braking, Brembo kit remains, but will be an updated set of Stylema calipers at the front in place of the prior M50 calipers.

The highly regarded APRC electronics package is equipped on both the Factory and RR versions of the new RSV4. This suite includes Aprilia Traction Control, Wheelie Control, Launch Control, Quick Shift, Pit Limiter, and Cruise Control. There’s also multimap cornering ABS, developed in collaboration with Bosch, and it works with an Aprilia Real Lift Mitigation system to keep the rear wheel planted during hard braking. You get three engine maps on each bike—Race, Sport, and Track—and all information is displayed on an updated TFT instrument panel with night and day display options. As an upgrade, Aprilia also makes its V4-MP multimedia platform available, allowing you to connect a smartphone to the machine via Bluetooth. This system is unique in that it also offers a corner-by-corner electronic settings calibration feature which records ride information for post-ride analysis. An infotainment component is also included in the V4-MP, allowing for voice commands to control incoming and outgoing calls on your phone.

2019 Aprilia RSV4 1100 Factory
The pinnacle of Italian performance.Aprilia Americas

And then there’s the winglets. Derived from testing in MotoGP, the new Factory RSV4 1100 comes with aerodynamically designed winglets which increase downforce on the front end for better high-speed stability and mitigation of wheelies out of turns.

Aprilia RSV4 RR

The RR hasn’t received any massive technical updates over last year’s model, but Aprilia will be offering a new Track kit, which lowers weight, improves handling and aerodynamics and gives the machine a refreshed look.

Winglets derived directly from MotoGP.Aprilia Americas

It’s a 999.6cc V4-powered bike with the same adjustable frame as supplied on the Factory 1100. Power output is rated at 201 horsepower at 13,000 rpm and 85 lb-ft of torque at 10,500 rpm. The suspension package is a bit different, with Sachs equipment utilized on the front, rear and steering damper. There is a new pair of 5mm thick braking discs out front, which are gripped by Brembo monobloc M50 calipers.

TFT display
A new TFT display gives you all the important details.Aprilia Americas

The RR does come in two new color configurations though, a black and grey base with red rims.

The RSV4 RR remains largely unchanged from last year’s version.Aprilia Americas