X Games Minneapolis 2019 In Photos And Video

Check out the best photos from X Games 2019 in Minneapolis.

Jarryd McNeil leaping in X Games Step Up.
Australian Jarryd McNeil leaping 40 feet to claim his fourth consecutive gold medal in X Games Step Up.Courtesy of Monster Energy

X Games 2019 took place at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis this past weekend, and as usual the motorheads were out in force during the four-day event. There was plenty of high-flying action, suspense, and drama as the always popular Moto X Step Up was moved outside so riders could truly test the altitude affliction. The QuarterPipe High Air was back to challenge the athletes to go really big, while the MX Freestyle, MX Best Trick, and Best Whip competitions brought out the best in all of them.

Moto X Step Up

Gold: Jarryd McNeil—40 feet
Silver: Bryce Hudson—38 feet
Bronze: (tie) Ronnie Renner and Colby Raha—38 feet

Moto X Step Up was the first MX event on the opening day and Australian wunderkind Jarryd McNeil stole the show and the gold, becoming the first Moto X athlete to win four consecutive gold medals in any Moto X event. All of the final four riders failed to clear the 40-foot mark on their first attempt, the next three failed on their second try and that left the door open for McNeil to take his best shot on his second and final attempt. With his Yamaha bouncing off the rev-limiter he hit the ramp, barely cleared the bar and etched his name in the X Games history book. Bryce Hudson claimed the silver while Colby Raha and Ronnie Renner tied for bronze.

Moto X QuarterPipe High Air

Gold: Corey Creed—32 feet, 6 inches
Silver: Tyler Bereman—31 feet, 9 inches
Bronze: Colby Raha—31 feet, 4 inches

On the second day of X Games 2019, Australian Corey Creed claimed his first X Games gold medal in Moto X QuarterPipe High Air with an impressive 32.5-foot jump that propelled him past American riders Tyler Bereman and Colby Raha. If you have never seen this event, check out the video because it is absolutely crazy what these athletes are doing for our viewing pleasure.

Moto X Freestyle

Gold: Rob Adelberg—92.33
Silver: Josh Sheehan—90.00
Bronze: Jackson Strong—87.33

The Australians closed out the second day of competition, sweeping the Moto X Freestyle podium. Rob Adelberg claimed his first gold medal in Freestyle, the eighth medal in his last nine events, proving once again that the riders from down under are serious about taking over Moto X. Josh Sheehan and Jackson Strong rounded out the podium in the eyes of the judges.

Moto X Best Trick

Gold: David Rinaldo—94.00
Silver: Jackson Strong—91.33
Bronze: Josh Sheehan—90.00

At X Games 2019, it was France’s David Rinaldo became the first rider to land a backflip body varial in competition. The insane body twisting, back flipping trick earned him his first ever X Games gold medal, becoming the first European rider to ever win gold in the event as well. It took a hell of a trick to keep the Aussies at bay since they came into the event having won eight of the last nine X Games Best Trick gold medals, so we are sure they’ll be back for revenge in 2020. Rinaldo’s win came at the expense of Jackson Strong and Josh Sheehan.

Moto X Best Whip

Gold: Tyler Bereman
Silver: Tom Parsons
Bronze: Jarryd McNeil

On the final day of competition it was American Tyler Bereman who won his first X Games gold medal by throwing down a whip that was deemed to be just a little smoother and a little further inverted than the competitors’ efforts. Tom Parsons would settle for silver and Australian Jarryd McNeil earned the bronze.

Harley-Davidson Hooligan Races

Daniel Mischler won the Harley-Davidson Hooligan Race on Sunday after a full schedule of qualifying and heat races to pare a field of 48 racers down to the fastest half dozen riders. Mischler earned the gold just ahead of runner-up Tony Alves with Kole King hot on his heels in third, and you can watch the entire race in the video above.

McNeil celebrates with his Step Up gold medal.
McNeil celebrates with his Step Up gold medal.Courtesy of Monster Energy
Red Bull’s Ronnie Renner finished in a tie for bronze in Step Up.
Red Bull’s Ronnie Renner finished in a tie for bronze in Step Up.Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool
The 2019 X Games Step Up podium.
The 2019 X Games Step Up podium.Courtesy of Monster Energy
Australian Jackson Strong in Best Trick.
Australian Jackson Strong was amazing in Best Trick but he would settle for a silver medal in the hotly contested event.Courtesy of Monster Energy
Josh Sheehan claimed the silver medal in Freestyle.
Josh Sheehan claimed the silver medal in Freestyle.Courtesy of Monster Energy
Tyler Bereman in Minneapolis during 2019 X Games Best Whip.
Tyler Bereman goes inverted in Minneapolis during 2019 X Games Best Whip.Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool
Tyler Bereman.
Tyler Bereman.Courtesy of Red Bull Content Pool