Yamaha Electric Motor Reaches Highest Output Density in Class

Powerful new electric motor aimed at hyper-EV models.

Yamaha created a compact EV motor so that it can fit multiple units into a single vehicle.Yamaha Motor

Yamaha Motor revealed a new 350kW motor with an operating voltage of 800V, reaching the industry’s highest class in output density. Yamaha is accepting orders for the prototype electric motors now, and this newest unit is aimed at powering hyper-EV models and various other high-output machines.

The company has been developing electric motors from 35–200 kilowatts since last year, but this latest achievement marks some significant advancements in design. It’s a compact unit that creates a single unit of the mechanical and electrical components, integrating the gear and inverter. Yamaha expects that multiple units may be used on a single vehicle.

The latest motor reaches the highest output density in class.Yamaha Motors

Yamaha’s work with electric motors started with applications for motorcycles, and currently, there are 35kW and 150kW versions available. The 350kW prototype is still in development and figures could change as the final touches are made.

Yamaha has yet to provide a production emotorcycle offering in the States, but development on scooter platforms, ebicycle drivetrains, and other mobility solutions has been in the works for years. It’s only a matter of time before we see emodels debut Stateside with this much research and development going on in the background.

The compact design was achieved by integrating the mechanical and electrical components into a single unit.Yamaha Motors

It also plans to ramp up the production of its e-motors to the specific requirements of third-party clients. We can already see the fruits of this labor in the recent announcement of 11 ebicycles from GasGas, all powered by Yamaha motors and batteries.