Vanderhall Teases 2022 Navarro Electric Off-Road Vehicle

The Navarro promises to break the three-wheel mold.

The Navarro is set to be part of Vanderhall’s lineup in 2022.Vanderhall

Vanderhall is known for its stylishly designed three-wheel roadster autocycles, like the Venice we drove around town last March. But now the Utah-based company has announced it’s going off-road with its forthcoming, all-electric Navarro. Information is sparse at this point, but the vehicle is breaking the company mold further in that it’ll roll on four wheels.

In the teaser videos below we see that Vanderhall was inspired by trophy and overland trucks, so will come with long-travel suspension along with robust tires and wheels. It’s not too much of a stretch to expect integrated crash protection, a sufficiently rigid chassis, a torque-rich motor, and plenty of utilitarian amenities as well.

But we won’t know for sure until January 4, 2021. That’s when Vanderhall plans to release a more detailed spec and accessory rundown of the new machine. In summer 2021 the company will begin accepting preorders.

From the teaser image, it appears Vanderhall has found a way to blend its refined style with trail-ripping prowess rather well. Stay tuned for more updates on this interesting new machine in the coming months.