Move Through Traffic With Ease On These 2019 Scooters

The best in urban mobility for sale in 2019.

A scooter can be worth its weight in gold if you’re having to navigate busy, crowded streets in a metropolitan area. It can also be a fun, convenient way to hop from spot to spot during the weekend. Point is, scooters are a lot more versatile and useful than they might first appear. And with the range of sizes and creature comforts available to make a strong case for there being a perfect scooter out there for just about anyone. If you’re looking for a fun new way to get around, these 2019 scooters are a great place to start.

Honda Metropolitan

The Honda Metropolitan: A classically styled and affordable option from Honda.
A classically styled and affordable option from Honda.Honda

Honda’s tried-and-true Metropolitan is a great place to start if you want that classic scooter style at a totally reasonable price. Starting at $2,499, the Metropolitan has all elements of what makes a scooter great for the masses. Twist-and-go automatic transmission, combined brakes, 22-liters of underseat storage, a totally manageable 49cc engine, and comfortable ergos make this an approachable machine for just about anyone. This isn’t a highway ride by any means, but for a surface road run to the office, or a jaunt through town, the Metropolitan will be a reliable companion. Honda also offers accessories like rear carriers, so you get even more storage space.

2020 Honda Metropolitan engine capacity: 49cc

2020 Honda Metropolitan price: $2,499

Yamaha Zuma 125

The Yamaha Zuma 125 is one of the best urban commuters around.
The Zuma 125 is one of the best urban commuters around.Yamaha

Another long-time favorite of scooter riders is the Yamaha Zuma. This 125cc air-cooled single comes with a simple-to-use automatic transmission, hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, more robust suspension than the Metropolitan, and 7.7 gallons of storage space underneath the seat. Its looks are decidedly more modern than the nostalgic-looking Metro, and its 103 estimated mpg means you’ll fetch just over 175 miles between fill-ups. And the 1.7-gallon tank will be a budget-friendly tank to top-off. It prices at $3,499, so will set you back more than the Honda above, but it’s improved performance, snappier response, and durable construction make this a solid choice if you’ve got a more demanding commute.

2020 Yamaha Zuma 125 engine capacity: 125cc

2020 Yamaha Zuma 125 price: $3,499

Vespa Elettrica

The Vespa Elettrica: Vespa’s electric scooter for eco-conscious riders.
Vespa’s electric scooter for eco-conscious riders.Vespa

Now, if you want the classic-style from one of the most recognizable names in the scooter business, along with the eco-friendly benefits of an electrically-powered ride, the Vespa Elettrica is the scoot for you. This scooter serves up 3.5 kWh of continuous power, putting it in a similar performance space as a 50cc scooter. Vespa claims 62 miles range between charges, so it’s not going to take you on any long hauls, but for commuting around town, this ride can work just fine. When we took our first ride on the Elettrica, we found it to handle impeccably, and the inclusion of a reverse gear sets the machine apart. It has underseat storage, Power and Eco ride modes, and really approachable power delivery. The $7,499 price tag means you’ll pay a significant amount more than comparable gas-powered options, however.

2019 Vespa Elettrica engine capacity: 3.5 kWh (50cc equivalent)

2019 Vespa Elettrica price: $7,499

Suzuki Burgman 200

The Suzuki Burgman 200 is a popular scooter from Suzuki, and the 200 has loads of mass appeal.
The Burgman is a popular scooter from Suzuki, and the 200 has loads of mass appeal.Suzuki

Suzuki’s Burgman line of scooters is well-established, and ranges up to the 650 “maxi” scooter level. But the Burgman 200, starting at $4,999, is a great choice for riders that want a little more power and comfort while retaining the feel of a smaller scooter. Our test of the 200 back in 2015 showed this 200cc single was more than capable of keeping up with busy San Diego traffic, with neutral handling, and plenty of ground clearance. It’s got over 10 gallons of storage space under the seat, and is perfectly capable of carrying a passenger comfortably. It also features ABS, which along with the automatic transmission, low 28.9-inch seat height, and compact frame makes it a great scooter for beginners looking for more manageable transport in town.

2020 Suzuki Burgman 200 engine capacity: 200cc

2020 Suzuki Burgman 200 price: $4,999

BMW C 400 X

While the GS-inspired looks of the BMW C 400 X aren’t for everyone, this scooter from BMW will do just about anything you need.
While the GS-inspired looks of the C 400 X aren’t for everyone, this scooter from BMW will do just about anything you need.BMW

Sure, the looks of the C 400 X from BMW isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this $6,795 mid-size scoot opens up a lot of opportunities compared to the options we’ve covered so far. This 350cc liquid-cooled single provides a top-speed of 86 mph and yields 67 mpg. With 3.4-gallon carrying capacity, you’re looking at nearly 250 miles range between fill-ups. It’s a little heavier, and perhaps a bit more daunting, to some riders, but this scooter allows you to ride it as more than just a commuter. You could cruise this thing up the mountain on a day trip, or take a long weekend. This BMW has ABS, a windscreen, Automatic Stability Control, under seat storage, and luggage accessory upgrades.

2019 BMW C 400 X engine capacity: 350cc

2019 BMW C 400 X price: $6,795

Honda Ruckus

You’re going to turn heads on a Honda Ruckus.
You’re going to turn heads on a Ruckus.Honda

This is a strange little scooter from Honda, but it’s created quite a following for itself over the years. The 49cc liquid-cooled single isn’t going to impress with power or pull, but it will definitely get you around town and will be a conversation piece wherever you go. This is definitely better suited to riders that can get by with a backpack, since it doesn’t have any underseat storage, but for an easy handling, mild-mannered scooter there’s few that compare. Plus, it’s popularity has spawned a massive aftermarket parts and accessories culture that allows you to really go wild with the platform. As the most visually distinct of all our selections, the Ruckus may not be for everyone, but if you need a scooter to mess around on during the weekend, this ridiculously easy-to-ride machine will have you grinning from ear to ear as soon as you twist the throttle.

2020 Honda Ruckus engine capacity: 49cc

2020 Honda Ruckus price: $2,749

Vespa Sei Giorni II

Nostalgic looks and a powerful 300cc engine combine in the Vespa Sei Giorni II.
Nostalgic looks and a powerful 300cc engine combine in the Vespa Sei Giorni II.Vespa

The $7,749 Vespa Sei Giorni II is an investment, but this 300cc HPE (high-performance engine) scooter is the ideal choice for riders that want a classically styled, historically-inspired ride. The Sei Giorni pays homage to the 1951 Sei Giorni Internazionale di Varese race. It has the most powerful engine to come from Vespa yet, puts out 23.8 horsepower, has ABS, LED lighting, a USB port, underseat storage, and an impeccable level of fit and finish. There are also loads of accessory add-ons from Vespa, like luggage racks, anti-slip mats, windscreen, anti-theft systems, and much more. The classic Vespa look and high-level performance are a match that has compelled many buyers to take possession of a Sei Giorni, the first iteration of which debuted back in 2017. And the package continues to be a compelling option in it’s latest edition.

2019 Vespa Sei Giorni II engine capacity: 300cc

2019 Vespa Sei Giorni II price: $7,749

Yamaha XMAX

The Yamaha XMAX does it all without breaking the bank.
The XMAX does it all without breaking the bank.Yamaha

The 292cc Yamaha XMAX will set you back $5,699, but it’s do-it-all characteristics make it hard to pass up. Traction control and ABS provide some safety assistance when conditions get sketchy, while the adjustable handlebars and windscreen allow you to tailor the ergos for maximum comfort. Like all the scooters we’ve listed, it has a simple automatic transmission, underseat storage, and intuitive handling. There’s also a 12v DC outlet, LED lighting throughout, disc brakes, and motorcycle-style front suspension. It’s made to provide a seriously smooth ride, plenty of accessible and friendly power, along with a host of creature comforts to meet any need.

2020 Yamaha XMAX engine capacity: 292cc

2020 Yamaha XMAX price: $5,699