Save Time and Money With Honda’s 2021 and 2022 Scooters

Honda’s PCX, Metropolitan, and Ruckus scooters return to its US model lineup.

The Honda PCX gets a revised engine and updated frame.Honda

Honda has announced a revised PCX scooter for the 2021 model year alongside news that its 2022 Metropolitan and Ruckus scooters will soon be available to riders in the US.


Honda used new LED lighting throughout on the 2021 PCX scooter.Honda

The PCX gets the most love, with an entirely new 156.9cc engine, which utilizes a new four-valve design and updated bore and stroke ratio, moving from the nearly square 57.3 x 57.9mm ratio used in 2020 to an oversquare 60 x 55.5mm ratio in 2021. The hydraulic cam-chain adjustment is now totally automatic as well.

Honda PCX instrument panel is clean and straightforward.Honda
There are 30 liters of underseat storage available on the PCX.Honda

The frame was redesigned to shave weight and improve handling, and new LED lighting is used throughout. It will be available with or without ABS and will continue to roll using Honda’s V-Matic automatic transmission. Thirty liters of storage is available under the seat and styling updates give the 2021 PCX a refreshed look. It will be available in dealerships in March, pricing at $3,799 for the non-ABS and $3,999 for ABS.

There is glovebox storage on the PCX as well.Honda

Metropolitan & Ruckus

The 2022 Honda Metropolitan carries over unchanged, giving riders a European-style ride at an affordable cost.Honda

The Metropolitan carries forward unchanged, powered by a 49cc single with Honda V-Matic transmission, 22 liters of underseat storage, and European scooter styling that aims to give riders a sophisticated look and reasonable price tag. The 2022 Metropolitan will be available in either Pearl Soft Beige or Coastal Blue starting April of this year at $2,499.

The 2022 Ruckus carries on the tradition of this unmistakable scooter.Honda

The Ruckus is likewise unchanged, also powered by a 49cc single with Honda V-Matic transmission. The unmistakable scoot will be available in a White/Pearl Blue colorway, Gray, or Midnight Blue/Tan starting April of this year at a price of $2,799.