2023 Honda CB300R ABS First Look Preview

Honda’s 2023 CB300R ABS naked rides again.

2023 Honda CB300R in Pearl Dusk Yellow.Honda

The Honda CB300R returns to the new motorcycle fray in 2023 with two colorways, Pearl Dusk Yellow and Matte Black Metallic. The bike will start at $5,049 and will be available in dealers starting this December. There are no major changes to the model for the coming year.

This entry-level machine replaced the CB300F in 2019 and since it’s come to market we’ve been impressed with the CB300R for a number of reasons. It’s a feather-light machine that handles easily, is supremely comfortable, and comes with eye-catching good looks. Although the 286cc single isn’t an exciting engine by any means, in the lightweight bike it actually stood out against competitors in the class. In fact, against the Husqvarna Vitpilen 401 and KTM 390 Duke, the Honda CB300R held its own in terms of pricing, looks, performance, and comfort.

Of course there is room to improve, and Honda has addressed at least one of the gripes we noted back when the model first arrived. We’d still like to see some improvements in braking feel and even a revamp of the engine. That would be notable news since it would mark a step forward not only for the CB300R, but also the CBR300R and the Rebel 300, since they all share the same engine.

As it stands, the CB300R remains a great option for fuel-conscious riders, new riders, and commuters. Its straightforward design is an asset in this type of market, allowing it to remain a price competitor and one of the lightest 300-level machines on the market.

2023 Honda CB300R in Matte Black Metallic.Honda